Will a factory reset make my laptop faster? [Everything Explained]

Nothing is more painful than slowing down your laptops while dealing with a serious business. It may happen to your new and old ones or just after a couple of months of buying. Well! There may be several reasons to deliver such performance, including out of space, operating system, software update, etc.

Now, most people may ask you randomly if will a factory reset make my laptop faster from the problem they’re facing. Since they think it could make their laptops faster than it was. Theoretically, this process should function perfectly just like the new one you owned, anyway. However, does this method work actually?

Or can you fix these issues by following another way apart from the factory reset? No worries! In this article, we’ll explain the things that would help you to improve and speed up your laptops–

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Will A Factory Reset Make My Laptop Faster?

Will A Factory Reset Make My Laptop Faster

The answer is yes, a factory reset will definitely make your laptop faster and improve overall performance. It’s a good idea since this method deletes all the junk files on your laptop before. And this is what makes them faster and speedy. Although, most people opt for this option unless the reset is necessary.

As a matter of fact, you’ll find many other options too that can get faster your laptop with no time. We’ll also discuss them broadly in an upcoming section. However, if you hardly depend on the file and program of the laptop then definitely factory reset is a good option to solve this problem.

Before you know how to do it, it’s also equally important what happens to your laptops when you reset the factory settings–

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Why Does A Factory Reset Make A Laptop Faster?

If you’re a non-tech person with little knowledge about factory resetting, we can take you through a short brief. The factory reset is the recommended setting you get after buying a laptop.  In this action, it erases all the data and operating system files so you can have the facility a brand new laptop operation to use.

Remember, there are a few drawbacks as well, losing many files and data permanently, as we informed you right now. So, it’s better to keep a data backup on some other device like a pen drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage. There are many tools and applications available in the market to restore lost data if get them back.

But, we assume you want to keep a copy of that data in a safe place before starting the journey– Then how you will do it?

How To Factory Reset Without Losing Files?

There are various options to keep a backup before you reset your system files and settings. We think it’s a big opportunity to keep a glance at your crucial data source if there are any. Because we see many people say “Alas!” and regret them after when everything is lost.

You can factory reset without losing file using the following way–

cloud Storage

The most popular and effective way is cloud storage to back up your data. Besides, it’s pretty easy to retrieve the files into your laptops again after a factory reset. Another benefit of cloud backup is you can access them– anytime and from anywhere. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, IDrive, etc. are the best cloud service providers for personal files.

External HDD/SSD

You can also transfer the file to an external device like a hard disk drive or solid-state drive. It’s an alternative to the cloud system. It may take a few moments to copy the files, sometimes. But, an SSD flash drive takes relatively less time than a hard disk.

Pen Drive

It’s the equivalent of external drives for keeping a short amount. If you think that there are only a few files are important you may choose a pen drive. They’re easy to carry and portable.

Now let’s move on to the reset process for both Apple macOS and Windows operating systems–

How To Factory Reset A Windows Laptop

Here are the steps to factory reset a Windows-operated laptop:

  1. Go to the Windows icon then click on the setting icon to enter all the settings together.
  2. Select Updates & Security from the list.
  3. Then, choose Recovery from the options.
  4. Now, click the Get Started as a Reset this PC/Device.
  5. Finally, press the Reset button just after programs and files are deleted. To do it more easily watch the video below:

[Note: Keep a backup, because you’ll lose all the data]

How to Factory Reset a Macbook

If you’re an Apple user then here is the instruction for macOS factory reset:

  1. Start from the power button, turned-off condition, so if it’s on then turn off the MacBook.
  2. Turn the MacBook on by pressing Command+R together.
  3. Now, click on the “disk utility” option.
  4. Then, select a storage something like “Mac HD”. It means internal Mac Hard Drive/Disk. In this stage, you can clean using erase this option.
  5. Now, it’s time to turn on the MacBook again to go ahead and choose to Reinstall the Mac operating system. You can watch the video to complete this task easily:

[Note: Make sure you keep important data back up in another place]

Why Is My Laptop Slow Even After Factory Reset?

This is normal that users get the best result after the factory reset. Some people appreciate the overall improvement and efficiency of the tasks. But, we also see many laptop users have lots of complaints regarding lags and delays. It seems this process is no longer helpful and permanent for them.

In such cases, you might go for alternatives to free up and fasten your laptop performance. Here are the reason and tips to overcome the issues–

  1. Check for the programs or applications that start automatically and consume a large of memory. It makes your laptop device slower. So, it’s important to stop as early as possible. To do so– Click the Windows and type for System Configuration then select Startup.

Here, you can see which program is run after staring at the windows and still running. You have to select them and stop. Alternatively, in the macOS, go to the Application -> Utilities -> then Activity Monitor to find those apps.

  1. Uninstall the programs that are not in use. You may be downloaded them once but hardly use them. There are more likely to consume computer space.
  2. You can speed up by upgrading your operating system since they fix many issues and bugs. 
  3. Clear your cache otherwise you’ll have to spend CASH in the future. The cookies and cache in the browser may slow down your laptop. Therefore, clear them regularly before they kill your productivity.
  4. Use threat protection software like anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware applications. Because your laptop disk may contain various threats coming from another device or internet files. Make sure you update them on an internal basis. And so on.

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What Is The Benefit of Factory Reset?

Factory reset settings bring you lots of solutions to the large applications error in the system file. They also help to get back the same power to perform as it was. Thus, it makes your laptop’s computer faster. Here is a list of the benefits you have from a factory reset–

  • Resolve different issues in the system storage and operating system. And perform as a new-like device.
  • If you accidentally lost any preset it can bring you the previous ones.
  • It also helps you to remove any unwanted junk and trash file instantly.
  • Improves the system and data security of your laptop’s internal disk.
  • You have nothing to worry about installing the Operating system again which would take hours.

FAQs On Will a factory reset make my laptop faster

Is it bad to factory reset the laptop?

No, there is no bad side to doing a factory reset. But, always remember to keep a backup of your data and file before proceeding.  Because, once you reset, you’ll wipe those data permanently.

Will I have to reinstall my OS after a factory reset?

Not actually. However, if the factory reset didn’t solve your problem you may think of re-installing the operating system. Even after a factory reset session. Many experts recommend installing windows, to get a better result.

What to do if your laptop is slower even after factory resetting it?

We described a few alternative solutions if your laptop is still performing slowly.  First of all, you’ve to identify the root cause of that problem to treat. For instance– we suggest using anti-virus software to protest against upcoming threats. Besides, you can keep your OS and application up to date on regular basis.

Cleaning cache, cookies, and temporary files can also accelerate the speed of your laptop’s performance. That would help in productivity. Sometimes, you may need to change any hardware as well.

When Should The Factory Reset Your Laptop?

You should apply a factory reset laptop when disposing or slowing down at an alarming rate. Sometimes, your laptop may prevent access to the system or a particular application. The moment you feel it slags you and the performance it is about to provide. This is the point where a factory reset comes to increase the overall speed and performance.

What Happens When You Factory Reset Your Laptop?

A factory reset restores your original system settings and files as it was after it was out of the box. It’s the condition like the company launched it after production, in other words. However, it’s true that it’s not possible to have previous power and performance it would provide before.  Although it deletes all the old and junk files you wasted during the completion of the tasks.

Will Factory Resetting A Computer Get Rid of Viruses?

Carrying a factory reset means you’re going to reset your operating system, reformat, or reinstall. Yes, it will destroy all system data and files, including many complex viruses, malware, or trojan threats from storage. In most cases, it erases hidden viruses that messed up your important files and documents.

Will A Factory Reset Stop A Hacker?

Yes, applying the restore factory setting can remove any hacking tools installed in your system. Most hacker traps you by using different tiny software in a form of a ransomware attack, fishing, malware, spoofing, etc. When you reset the setting the system data no more to functions so hackers lose the connection to your system.

Which is Better Hard Reset vs Factory Reset?

A factory reset is applicable for you if you need to firmware update and several bug issues inside your laptop. While hard reset erases data, meantime you need backup before starting. In this method, you’re doing a reset forcefully.

What Are Alternative Ways to Speed up My Laptop?

You can still try other ways to improve your laptop speed and overall performance. They’re–

  • Uninstall unused software applications and unnecessary programs.
  • Stop the startup unwanted programs that you have nothing to do with them.
  • Add RAM more as a part of memory upgradation.
  • Install and conduct a real-time inspection for spyware and viruses.
  • You can also do Clean Up and Disk Defragmentation.
  • Conder buying an SSD instead of going for HDD. The SSDs make read and file access faster.
  • Keeping up to date the outdated drivers.
  • Clear browsing data like history, cookies, cache files, etc.


Therefore, you should consider the restore factory setting while facing such a problem. It’s a proven, effective, and easy way to make a laptop faster with no time and costs. This is why anyone with basic computer skills can carry out the operation. As a result, you’ll never miss another task to deliver on time. Thus, it increases your productivity and growth. 

Remember one thing! Please don’t forget to keep the backup of your essential files and documents. Nevertheless, however, if you still feel uncomfortable and fear about it we are advised to consult a technical person or service center.


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