Should I Put Stickers on My Laptop?[Complete Guide 2023]

A sticker is a great way to show off your style and personality to the people you roam and work around. Not just among friends and family members, it’s also becoming trendy among professionals. As a result, you might see many employees use stickers on their laptops’ lids.

However, most people ask randomly if should I put stickers on my laptop cover. They also want to know the benefits and drawbacks of sticking them as geek culture. Today, we’re here to explore tons of questions about placing stickers on your laptops.

So, without further ado and delay, let’s jump into the discussion–

Should I Put Stickers On My Laptop Lid?

Should I Put Stickers on My Laptop

It’s a bit difficult to answer this question since there is no ‘one-size-fits-for-all’ answer. There are lots of controversies around placing stickers on laptop computers or notebooks. Some people think they look pretty nice, professional, and tech-savvy.  Whereas, others consider them to damage a laptop’s finish and natural look.

Therefore, it’s totally up to individuals’ choice and taste whether they should put stickers on laptops or they shouldn’t. Look! We don’t encourage or discourage any people to stick. But, from the “Should and shouldn’t” it’s also important to know if is it okay to paste them as a general hobby.

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Is It Okay to Paste Stickers on My Laptop?

We should know about the adhesive substance used in the stickers before we move on. As you know there many types of adhesive like the variation of the stickers and you should have concerned about them. Many companies adopt industrial-grade glues, including epoxy and gorilla for the stickers.

And they have long-lasting service on steel, glass, and materials. However, you’ll rarely want them to stick on the laptops as they’re pretty hard to eliminate. Trying to remove them will cause trapping and crumbling off on your laptop’s body.

On the contrary, plastic stickers are excellent options to trick as most of them are designed for easy usage. So, now it’s your decision whether is it okay to paste a sticker or not.

What’s the Best Place to Put Stickers on Your Laptop?

Sticking stickers is not a big deal but there are some factors to consider, including where you should employ them. So, it’s also important to look after your device besides the aesthetic look alone. Placement is a big factor here. In that case, choose an area to adhesive them except for the clamshell or the folding mechanics.

Avoiding this area can confirm that your lid is opening and closing properly without harming the stickers. Besides, you should also avoid the display screen, keyboard, touchpad, and other sensitive zones like I/O ports and buttons. Today, most people tend to hide the brand logos by using stickers. 

How To Put Stickers On My Laptops?

You can put stickers on your laptops in many ways in recent days. The option you can choose is, to use a glue stick and peel the stickers off gradually. Alternatively, you can use an adhesive disk on a particular area and press it down with your fingers. And another way is printing stickers and applying them gently with adhesive. 

Here are some steps showing how to apply stickers on your laptops:

  • Before you stick them, clean the area with rubbing alcohol using a soft cloth. If possible use a microfiber one. This process ensures there is no oil or dirt over the laptop surface that may lead to several difficulties later.
  • Collect a sticker that represents your interests, hobbies, brand, art, etc. You’ll find your stickers in the market that your favorite companies sell.
  • Choose a color theme properly that looks aesthetically pleasing and clean. It also gets you away from a monotonous look.
  • And place and rub them with glue or adhesive gently until sticking to the laptop.

How to Remove a Sticker From Your Laptop?

Once you stick them on your laptop or notebook but you want back the previous preference. No worries! We have a few solutions to solve this problem. You might find some sticker adhesive very tough to remove, no matter how the body of the laptop is made of.

In this scenario, you should remove them as soon as possible. Pull one in one shot if possible. It helps you to come up from the firm foundation. Next, use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a cloth to peel the remaining part of the stickers.

You may need to choose a different option in case of removing the paper stickers. Since there is a good chance of flacking and peeling in a middle way. And pay extra attention while removing stickers because too much excitement can damage the appearance of your laptop.

Paper or Plastic Sticker – Which One Is Better?

It’s equally important to what stickers you’re choosing for your laptops or notebooks. There are mainly two variations, one is paper-based and another from plastic made. We suggest the apply the plastic-made stickers not the other one.

Because paper ones contain different substances on the adhesive side rather than putting much effort into the decals. As a result, you have to struggle to get off them easily, sometimes. Besides, if you put a little force they are prone to leave substance and particles on the area.

On the contrary, plastic stickers are an excellent choice for not only metal(aluminum) cases but also the plastic body as well. Plus, you’ll find them shiny, durable, and removable easily based on the type of stickers.

STICKERS, what they are made of?

laptop stickers

In today’s world, it’s hard to find those conventional paper-based and glue-based plastic, rather than using modern lightweight stickers. Most of them are sturdier and reusable for long periods. The stickers made from plastic can withstand high temperatures since they use polypropylene. So, you’ve nothing to worry about heating up your laptops.

As you know, polypropylene is more durable and you color them easily with lightweight printing patterns. Besides, they come in a sheet format that is also suitable for dying and printing.

Although, the laptop skins come with vinyl, leather, and polyurethane. The vinyl stickers are convenient to remove easily from laptops. Or you can replace another sticker anytime.

However, now you can find various modern stickers and the growing popularity of than scrapbooking trend. The modern standard stickers come in plastic 3D, acrylic, fabric, epoxy, and litter substances. But, you can still find adhesive glue on the bottom.

Possible Damages of Sticking A Sticker?

There are many risks of applying stickers on your laptops, we listed below some of them–

  • The laptop lids may generate some heat and it causes deformation of some stickers. This is why it may look a bit messy to see.
  • Some low-quality stickers have a chance to prevail dirt on them.
  • They’re hard to remove because of poor adhesive glue, sometimes. As a result, it’ll be difficult to resell the laptop.

What Sticker Should I Use For My Laptop?

You may choose a variety of stickers for york laptops that are currently available on the market. The stickers with cartoon characters and witty messages are trendy designs now among people. Here is a list of some popular stickers.

  1. Princess Princess Cartoon Stickers 
  2. My Little Pony Party Favors
  3. Mario Merchandise Vinyl Sticker
  4. Paw Patrol Stickers
  5. SpongeBob SquarePants Laptop Sticker
  6. Bekayshad Vinyl Vsco Basic stickers Pack
  7. LIFEBE 250Pcs/Pack Inspirational Stickers
  8. QIYUYA Inspirational Quote Stickers, and so on.

Please check product details and descriptions on the amazon or product website. These are the best sticklers set for laptops in terms of quality, price, and features.

FAQs on Should I Put Stickers on My Laptop

Do You Put Stickers On Your Laptop Upside Down?

Yes, I do put stickers on my laptop when it’s upside down. To do so, you have to follow the instruction carefully. First, cut the sticker in shape carefully, remove the backing, and place it on the laptop in upside down position. The reason is simple, to see the stickers when you open the lid you can see them right away. 

Should You Put Stickers On Your MacBook?

Placing stickers on your MacBook adds extra coolness and fun to your daily life. But, you’ll experience different disadvantages as well, including obscuring the Apple logo. Most people don’t consider it as means of fun and passion instead of showing the Mackbook logo.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks to deciding if you should put stickers on the Macbook. First and foremost, the stickers make it more exceptional and personalized. Plus, it’s a great way to leave a touch of personality on the laptop you’re using.

On the other hand, it could be a hassle to get off them and sticky residue over the body. It causes dirt, particles, and a messy look.  Therefore, we suggest no use of stickers on a MackBook computer until it’s important.

Can I Put Stickers On My Work Laptop?

We think you have sole authority to do anything to your laptop. Most people put stickers on their work laptops but choose them carefully. Try to avoid stickers that may lead to uncomfortable situations in a professional environment. You should also look at the company’s policies, rules, and regulations before sticking to them.

If you’re a new employee in your office, please ask your superior personnel about this matter. They can guide you properly in this regard because only they tell you the office culture.

Is It Unprofessional To Put Stickers On Your Laptop?

No, not at all. It’s not an unprofessional practice to place stickers on your laptops. Many corporate employees add their personal touch to their personal and work laptops at the office and home. So, it’s okay to have stickers on the laptops and PCs.

They find passion and fun in the marketing, creative, and technology field that lead to company progress and growth. It helps them to engage in particular tasks and projects professionally.

Therefore, there is nothing unprofessional to attach a sticker on the gadget and gear. It also inspires you a lot in terms of personality, passion, and fun.

Do Stickers Make Laptops Hotter?

No, stickers don’t make the laptop hot and there is no such relation between them. People use stickers to decorate laptops, especially the over the lid that people see. However, the lid may produce a little heat that doesn’t make your laptop hotter.

Remember, you should not cover the input/output outlets and fan vents with any stickers. Always try to avoid the sensitive area that can make a laptop hotter. Some laptops come with a fan ventilation system next right to the keyboard surface or upright position. So, you should also be careful while sticking them unless you got flat surfaces.

Are Stickers Good To Put Laptop Skin?

Laptop skin comes with excellent protection to prevent normal damages, including scratches, dents, marks, etc. So, there is nothing wrong to put stickers on the laptop’s skin. However, there is some harmful glue with them that can make scratch while getting off. Otherwise, they rather protect your laptop area covered for the decoration.

Final Thought

Some people think twice before applying stickers on their laptops and find no reason. Besides, you’ll find thousands of people using them professionally and confidently. Of course, this trend makes them chill, energetic, and motivated on the desk and laptops. In most cases, employees can’t attach any stickers to their work laptops because of office policy.

However, if it were my office laptop I would think thrice to answer. What? When somebody would ask me if “should I put stickers on my laptop?” But, I would feel free to add them with no more hesitation because nothing is more irritating than hiding uniqueness and enthusiasm. The show must go on.

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