Laptop Screen Weird Colors and Lines [Quick & Easy Solution]

A laptop makes your daily life much easier and more fun. They help with your word processing, photo editing, watching movies, playing games, and so on. But how does it feel when you see a screen disability, especially while you’re dealing with a serious business. It makes you feel very annoying.

Yes, you got it right! We’re talking about the laptop screen weird colors and lines issues. It may happen to your old laptop and the new one as well. In this situation, your display delivers multiple distorted colors and/or some weird lines on the screen.

However, you can fix it yourself as a DIYer so we’re here today. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can fix this issue on your own at home following some basic instructions. You’ll also find the troubleshooting to solution guidelines throughout the article, based on hour research and experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Laptop Screen Weird Colors and Lines – Troubleshoot & Fix

Laptop Screen Weird Colors and Lines

First of all, you’ve to find the issue before you can move forward to solve it. To do so, know the root cause of the problem then it’ll be easy to fix. The issue can arise from hardware and software components or a combination of both, sometimes.

However, after a long study and from our previous experience, we found several probable reasons for this screen condition. First, we’re going to put a little pressure on the LCD panel to observe and identify the issue. Another one might occur from any graphics card(video card) and driver update-related issues.

Don’t worry, our laptop experts are going to fix and show you the process one by one. From now on, say no to distortion-line screen problem. Remember one thing, if you can’t do it yourself till the end or in hesitation then take it to an expert. 

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How To Troubleshoot and Fix The Problem?

The moment your laptop screen appears with strange lines and distorted colors you should diagnose that problem. In this regard, you can take your laptop to a technical expert, service center, or fix it yourself at home. If you’ve no prior knowledge in this area then it’s better to contact the authorized service center nearby with the warranty paper.

It would cost a minimum service charge. And if you don’t want to spend that money on it then we can help you to fix that problem free of cost. There are some best ways we shared that may help you out of this issue:

Restart The Laptop

First, shut down properly and restart your laptop after 5-10 minutes if you see distorted lines and weird colors. Although, it’s a very primary level technique to deal with this type of interference. However, it’s a recommended proven method by hundred of laptop experts.

Why this restart? Well, there are several unwanted malware, viruses, unfinished program, or other minor issues that may prevent your laptop to start. In that case, a restart can help you the most to fix this problem immediately within just 5 to 10 minutes. If the method doesn’t work, don’t worry! We have more techniques to apply.

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Use an External Monitor to Find & Fix The Problem

We know that the restart didn’t work that’s why you’re here again. Now, we’re going to apply another most effective technique using an external monitor to figure out the cause and problem. It’s a matter few minutes. But, how can you check the laptop screen? Wait, here is the process. Get a VGA cable/HDMI or DVI cable to connect the external display.

After plugging in the connection, you can see your screen on the monitor screen. You’ve nothing to worry about the connectivity since the connection between the laptop and monitor will establish connection automatically nowadays. However, some older versions may need to check manual connectivity.

We suggest you use some keyboard function buttons to switch the screen between the laptop and the extra monitor. It may vary from brand to brand. Here are common keys for some specific brands. For example, Fn+F4 for HP,  Fn+F5 for TOSHIBA, Fn+F8 for Dell, etc. Look for the other alternatives on the website or internet.

Now, it’s time to check carefully. Look at the external monitor, if both laptop and monitor is similar then your laptop has graphics driver update issue or there is a problem with the LED connector. And if you see that both displays show identical results it means you’ve to treat this problem in another way.

How To Update The Graphics Card Drivers

It’s so simple. We suggested updating the laptop’s graphics card(Intel, AMD, and Nvidia) in case of a bad cable or poor LCD connection a few seconds earlier. Update the available latest driver version from the manufacturer or third-party driver updater. To do that, you can install and use a simple application called DriveFix that detects your model and version update automatically.

Besides, they come at a very affordable price plan throughout the year. If the update doesn’t help you out from it then replace the graphics card.

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Check The LCD Cable Connection-Motherboard

We assume your laptop has no graphics driver-related issues, but you still encounter the previous condition. Don’t fret! It happened most probably when your laptop has a poor LCD connection with the motherboard. As the LCD gets graphical signals from the mainboard, so the connection between the display screen to the motherboard is crucial.

One of the main causes of showing distortion in the display could be the poor connection or a bad cable connection. Don’t forget to check connectors and flex properly in case of a loose jack connection.

Our experts suggest you change the cable if it’s broken or damaged from the middle point. You’ll find tons of model-specific video tutorials for further assistance on the youtube, google, or manufacturer support page. It only cost a few bucks.

Fix The Resolution (Original Settings)

Display resolution is an important matter in issue. Messy resolution settings can cause annoying colorful lines and distortion of pictures. Here is how you can fix the resolution with very simple steps.

  • Go to the “Control Panel”.
  • Select “appearance and personalization” from the options.
  • Click on the “resolution” or “display resolution” dropdown of scale and layout.
  • The “recommended” option is the appropriate and native resolution for your laptop. So, try to keep it as the system’s display recommendation.
  • The adjustment of “brightness and contrast” is also responsible for vertical lines or horizontal lines.

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FAQ On Laptop Screen Weird Colors and Lines

How To Fix The Rainbow Screen On The Laptop?

To fix the rainbow screen, you can try the restart techniques in the previous look and fix section. In this method, you’ve to turn off/shut down your laptop pc for some minutes and then restart it again. And of course, this is an effective method to test laptop LCD screens or displays.

How To Fix Horizontal Lines On A Laptop Screen?

You can fix horizontal lines on your laptop screen by taking it to an authorized service center. Alternatively, you can check the BIOS settings to diagnose the reason for making such lines. It may involve both hardware and software, sometimes.

How Do I Fix a Flickering Laptop Screen?

By following these 4 steps you can fix the flickering screen of your laptop:
1. Update the latest display driver appropriately.
2. Try to download the driver directly from the brand’s support website
3.  Diable windows desktop manager from the Service.msc. First, stop the operation then disable the service.
4. Modify the laptop’s display refresh rate.

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Final Words

We understand the pain of showing flickering or distorted images on your laptop. That’s very annoying and harms your work performance and productivity. You can’t accomplish your day-to-day task when it happens so, it’s a serious business to deal with these issues. That’s why we discussed on the laptop screen weird colors and lines problems throughout the article.

We hope you learn how to troubleshoot and fix the problem on your own at home. If you still have a fair of getting confused then please visit a repair center nearby. They’ll fix the problem for you. However, we’re also publishing more articles and resources on this issue in detail. Have a good day.

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