Laptop Keyboard Not Working After Cleaning?Here’s how to fix it

Being an essential computing device a laptop brings you a lot of conveniences in daily life. No matter where your workplace is home, school, or college. You can perform gaming, study work, and professional operation using one. But the concern is the dart inside the laptop, especially around the keyboard area. 

So, you can only solve the problem by cleaning the laptop and keyboard area. But the problem arises when you see the laptop keyboard not working after cleaning process. How would you feel at that moment? Upset, right? It’s really unexpected!

Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll try to give you the best solution for how you can fix your keyboard again. There are several ways to follow and trail according to some basic steps and instructions.

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Why is Laptop Keyboard Not Working After Cleaning?

Laptop Keyboard Not Working After Cleaning

You can opt for any solution to solve the problem– rechecking the keyboard, cleaning the remaining dirt that still exists, restarting the laptop, and checking the keyboard connection, and keyboard setting. So, you should never be upset about that. It’s important to know why is laptop keyboard not working after cleaning activities.

Though, most of the time you can never know the reasons behind the silly issues. Hence, you have to handle this situation very carefully. It’s possible to fix it by yourself. However, we better talk about the solution that exists instead of discussing the issues.

Gentle reminder:

You should check for the warranty before you start fixing or taking it to a repair shop. The authorized seller can fix the issue in no time unless you void the warranty sticker. No matter what brand laptop you’re using.

Here are some tips–

1. Restart your laptop

The first step should be the restart your laptops whenever face any problem with the keyboard troubleshooting. You can also carry out this process for some other issues. It’s one of the easiest ways, as restarting a laptop take a few second only. While carrying out this process make sure that you clear the memory of the laptop.

And reset all the drivers, programs, and utilities that are externally connected. Hopefully, this process might help to solve your keyboard problem and it’ll work again. One more thing, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need an internal keyboard to restart the laptop. You can do this by using a mouse or touchpad.

Now, it’s nothing new to restart an option if you’re running  Windows operating system.

1. At first, click on the Wonwors button

2. Then choose the Power option

3. Select the Restart button, that’s it.

You may follow another step if the mouse or touchpad is no longer working, to restart a laptop. You can repeat a similar way by using the keyboard’s windows key.

Here is the alternative way– 

1. Long press the Power key for a few seconds

2. You’ll see the power going off

3. Press again the power button to start the computer

If your keyboard is still not working, restart the laptop then follow the next trick. It’s just the general step.

2.  Check the keyboard and clean it again

Sometimes, you have to clean the germ or dirt again unless you didn’t clean properly them before. The level of cleanness depends on how much good cleaner you used. Yes, we’re talking about the product. Well! There is no problem if you’re going to clean using compressed air or microbial clothing.

In general, there are two plastic layered conductive traces and pads on them. You’ll find another plastic layer to separate holes under the keys. Remember one thing, when you press the key the outer layer is about to contact each other. And it must complete the circuit.

So, when you use water to wash the keyboard and unfortunately once the water is in. Then it becomes so tricky to remove properly without separating the layers and gently drying them out. Though, it is not actually an advisable method.

No matter where you leave the keyboard under the sunlight for hours, still the water won’t come out completely. As a result, your keyboard will not work properly. That’s why you should never use any aqueous solution to clean the keyboard.

Therefore, how you can dry and clean the remaining water on the keyboard? Well! We’ve some useful tricks that could help you to get out of this trouble. Here they’re–

● You can use 97% isopropyl alcohol as a liquid solution.

● First, shut down the laptop, take it off from the charger, and take out the battery.

● You need to put a little amount of isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth and rinse the keyboard. Leave it for a few hours to dry thoroughly.

 ● Keep in mind that you have to dry it very well, otherwise it might not work properly.

● Please confirm that you turned off the laptop and unplug the charging adapter for safety.

Now it’s re-establish the connection after the drying process, to determine how it works. However, if it still not working it seems you damaged the keyboard, unfortunately. However, you can try another solution.

3.  Plug in an external USB keyboard

Use USB keyboards. Yes, you can connect and use an external keyboard in case of damage to the original one. Most people go for the wireless keyboard as well if you can afford the price. There is almost no side effect of using a foreign agent as a keyboard input device. So, don’t panic!

When the external one is working perfectly with your laptop it’s confirmed for you the keyboard replacement soon. Of course, if you’re uncomfortable with this one. Because the problem with the connection or hardware may increase gradually. So, it’s better you treat them ASAP.

Best way to clean your laptop keyboards

Regular cleaning of the keyboard of your laptop is very important. Because it ensures that your device will work with no issues. But you should follow the right cleaning method which is safe and secure during cleaning. Here we named some of the effective ways You just have to follow the process properly. They’re given below–

  • Shaking up your laptop. The best way to clean the keyboard keys is by shaking up the laptop.
  • Using a keyboard cleaning brush. You can use a cleaning brush to remove debris from the keyboard.
  • Use Compressed air for cleaning. Compressed air is another best way to clean.
  • Use the proper amount of alcohol. Sometimes, it is hard to remove all the dirt, especially stickiness by applying all the processes we have mentioned before. In that case, you can use alcohol.


We have tried to discuss every possible way to fix your keyboard. All you have to do is just follow the directions properly if you want to save your device. We’ve also pointed out some tips that can help you to clean up your keyboard perfectly. Because cleaning in an exact way is important for your device.

So try to maintain all the processes that we have mentioned already. It will be helpful for your keyboard as well as your laptop. If the laptop keyboard not working after cleaning please visit a technical expert to avoid other circumstances.

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