How to Turn on Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button?[Easy Methods]

Being an electronics part, it makes sense that a power button can break down. Imagine you are in that scenario where your Lenovo laptop power button is not working, and you have to finish your work. Since turning on the laptop is the only way to continue your valuable work, you have to go for alternative ways to turn on that machine. Fortunately, there are several ways to do that.

 Here I am about to tell you how to turn on Lenovo laptop without power button. Also, some tips from me to keep your laptop safe and learn more about Lenovo’s power-related issues and solutions.

How Does A Laptop Power Button Work?

How to Turn on Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button

The laptop power button is a small, rectangular button located in the upper-right corner of the keyboard. When you press the power button, it signals the laptop’s motherboard to start the power-up process. The motherboard contains a tiny microchip responsible for beginning the power-up process. This microchip contains the necessary instructions to create the laptop’s hard drive, processor, and other internal components.

When you press the power button, the microchip signals the motherboard’s power connector. This connector is responsible for supplying power to the motherboard and other internal components. Then the motherboard sends a signal to the laptop’s power supply. The power supply is responsible for providing power to the laptop’s interior features.

The power supply contains a small, cylindrical transformer responsible for converting the AC voltage to the DC voltage required by the laptop’s internal components. After that, the power supply sends a signal to the laptop’s motherboard. The motherboard is responsible for starting the laptop’s processor and other internal components.

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Popular Power Related issues of Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo laptop does not have too many problems, yet it has some power-related issues that you can solve quickly.

The power button is not working: the faulty power button is the most common problem in a laptop. If that happens, you can solve that using underneath methods.

Not charging: Sometimes, your charger has no problem, yet the laptop does not charge. That is because there is something wrong with power management. Try to remove the battery and try again, if that does not bring the solution, you have to call an expert.

Heating issue: The laptop becomes immensely hot whenever you plug in the charger. That is possible because of the power issue.

Keyboard and Trackpad are now working: If you have any problem with the power, there is a chance to not work the keyboard properly as well as the Trackpad.

There are plenty of issues that can occur due to inappropriate power. And end up doing severe damage to your laptop. So you should take it seriously and take immediate action to prevent anything vital.

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How to Turn On Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button: 5 methods to do that

Let’s get into the real deal. I know you can’t strum all the strings. Therefore, there are five methods to choose the suitable one for turning on your Lenovo laptop. One way or another, it is going to make you successful.

Turn on Lenovo Laptop Using an External Keyboard         

It is the easiest way to quickly turn on your Lenovo laptop if you have done the setup before. So, before facing any issues in your laptop, you have to change the setting in your laptop bios. And here is how you can do that.

  • Press DEL or F2 key repeatedly on the startup to enter your laptop BIOS setting.
  • Then go to the power management options located in the advanced tab. Here find an option called booting up your laptop. And check anything that is called “Power on By Keyboard” or something similar like that.
  • After that, set up any key to power on, save it, and restart your Lenovo laptop. It should work right now.
  • Finally, shut down your laptop and try to turn it on via the particular keyboard button to ensure if it is working or not.

This is a popular method, or you can say the precaution method before your power button stops working. Therefore you can ensure one thing: only the power button is not the easiest way to turn on your Lenovo laptop.

 Turn on Lenovo Laptop Using Motherboard

This method suits the best tech experts. Or, if you have the proper tool to open the laptop back it is an easy way to get everything done.

  • Start by unplugging the laptop charger cable to ensure safety.
  • Now open the laptop case using a screwdriver and locate the power button.
  • Then remove the power button and locate the power pins, usually 3 to 6 pins you can find under the power button.
  •  After that, use any conductor to short-circuit the pin 1 and 3 to turn on the laptop.

If you have any problem with your battery and you need to connect your charger to turn on the laptop, then make sure not to touch it with your bare hand. Using a screwdriver is the best possible way to do that.

However, this is not an efficient way to do that unless you are out of the way and you need to boot up your laptop quickly.

Using the Clock Battery of Your Lenovo laptop

This is one step ahead of the motherboard method and requires a lot of skills to perform it right. Make sure to try it carefully. Before starting this method, you have to open the case of your laptop and then follow these instructions.

  • Disconnect the battery cable, which connects with the motherboard. Remember, this is not the charging cable; it is the cable that provides power to the motherboard.
  • Then, disconnect the clock battery from the motherboard.
  •  Now, attach the battery again, and it should turn on your laptop.

This is the most efficient way to make your laptop fool. So, how does it work? It does not remember the actions anymore when you remove the clock battery. Therefore, whenever it gets the power, it continues from there.

With Wall Socket

This is not the best method but indeed works on a Lenovo laptop as well as DELL, HP, ASUS, and Acer laptops. You might have to set up the BIOS to turn on the laptop using an AC connection.

  • First, disconnect the cable from the power button to the motherboard to ensure no power breaker is working on your laptop.
  • Now, remove the laptop battery to cut off the all power source.
  • Then, if you connect your laptop using a charger, it should turn on your laptop.
  • After that, even if you attach the battery again, it will work fine.

Using Laptop Lid

The last method I am going to talk about is the laptop lid. Usually, it is used to sleep on your laptop. But if you can configure it using your BIOS, it can also turn on the computer without using your power button.

  • First, press the “F2” and “F10” buttons to go to the BIOS setting.
  • Then, jump to “Power Management.”
  • Now, change the setting to “power on with an open lid.”
  • Finally, save the setting and try it.

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Tips for keeping your Lenovo Laptop Safe

This is not only for your Lenovo laptop but also works in any laptop to keep it safe from various issues that you can prevent or ensure the long-lasting of your laptop.

  • Use an external keyboard to take the pressure off the internal keyboard.
  • If you regularly carry your laptop, get a quality bag that can protect your laptop from damage.
  • Clean your laptop to ensure no dirt is entering your laptop. Usually, that also causes damage to the laptop motherboard, exhaust fan, power button, etc.
  • Also, use the original charger, which provides the right amount of voltage and current that keeps your motherboard and battery safe.
  • It would be better to use a laptop cooler for a better cooling system and do more minor damage to your laptop.

FAQs on How to Turn On Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button

How can I turn on my laptop without the power button?

You can do that by changing your BIOS power management setting to set up any keyboard button to use to turn on the laptop. This is what you have to do before facing any issue with the laptop power button.

How do I force my Lenovo laptop to turn on?

Using AC when your laptop is not connected to any other power sources, such as a battery, you can force your Lenovo laptop to turn on. Also, using the motherboard can do that too. Here you will see 3 or 6 pins under the power button. Connect the 1 and 3 pins with a conductor to force the laptop to turn on.

What do I do if my Lenovo laptop won’t turn on?

First, check the laptop battery; if it is okay, there will probably be a problem with your charging. After that, check your power button; if that is faulty, you have to replace it or try the above methods to turn on your laptop.

Why won’t my Lenovo laptop turn on even when plugged in?

Because the power button is not working anymore, and that is a common problem in most laptops. You can either replace that button or try alternative methods to turn on the laptops for emergencies.

How do I wake up a Lenovo laptop?

Indeed you have to use the power button to wake up the Lenovo laptop. Also, you can try using the lid to wake up the laptop. Sometimes the keyboard can also do this job. Make sure you have connected to a power source, whether it is a charger or the charged battery and then try pressing the power button.

How to restart a laptop without the power button?

You can use the motherboard pin to restart the laptop by using the power button. But usually, when the laptop is on, take your mouse cursor to the windows icon and then click the right button on your mouse and click on the power icon, then restart the laptop.

Where is the Lenovo laptop power button?

Lenovo or any other laptop power button is located on the right side so that you can quickly access the power button without further problem. However, some laptops are available that have an odd position for the power button.


Lenovo laptops usually do not create that much of a problem at all. However, if you face the issue, I suggest you take help from an expert rather than trying it yourself. But the above methods of turning on a Lenovo laptop without a power button are surely going to help you get rid of emergencies.

If you use your laptop carefully, there is the slightest chance of breaking your power button, and you need to do all of these hassles. Anyway, now you know all about the power-related issues of Lenovo laptops. Use these ways to get rid of your problems quickly.

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