How to Turn Off Laptop Fan: 3 Possible Ways to Stop It 

A laptop fan is the prime component of a laptop for keeping it cool. Although there is no definite design or placement, the reason behind having a fan is always the same. Sometimes it can cause excessive noise or consume extraordinary power, which can bother you. I never recommend you turn off the laptop fan at all.

However, read this article if you think this is necessary for running the laptop. Here I am about to discuss how to turn off laptop fan and what can be the consequences of that.

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Why do you need to turn off your laptop fan? The reason behind it

Undoubtedly, a laptop fan helps keep it cool and run smoothly. But what could be the possible reason to turn off that fan? There are many reasonable answers to this question.

  • Sometimes a laptop fan creates unusual noise that bothers a lot while running the laptop.
  • Also, if your laptop fan has a lot of dust, it probably opposes the benefit of damaging the laptop hardware slowly.
  • Your laptop is running slow, but the fan is running excessively high RPM.

These are the possible reasons behind turning off the laptop fan.

Can Your Laptop Run Without Fan?

Yes, your laptop can run without a fan. The fan is not the internal component that connects with the laptop to turn on the laptop. Is it okay to run a laptop without a fan? Indeed the answer is “NO.”

How To Turn Off Laptop Fan

If you run a laptop without a fan, it may run (Not all laptops, though, only in certain models that have optimized CPU and GPU), but you will face the lag, freezing screen, immense slowness, and other outcomes.

Your laptop CPU and GPU get more than 100°C while it is working, And that heat increases rapidly if you do not use a proper cooling system. Till now, an exhaust fan is the most efficient way for laptop cooling. So, without it running a laptop means killing your laptop with your bare hand.

That is why you have to check if the laptop fan is working or not. A possible sign of a faulty fan is the slow-running laptop or getting unusual disturbance while using it.

So, a laptop can run without a fan but not for a long time. At least it is not an ideal suggestion to use a laptop without a fan.

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How to Turn off Laptop Fan?

Since you are determined to turn off the laptop fan, let’s proceed and do it properly. Here I will show you proven methods and work with almost every laptop.

 Using Hardware

Usually, it may be for a certain period to run a program or see the capability of your laptop. So, I suggest not going for the hardware solution first. However, let’s continue this journey in a prohibited way first.

If you want to disconnect the hardware fan from your laptop, gather the proper tool first. In this case, you need a few screwdrivers to open the laptop’s backside and other parts.

How To Turn Off Laptop Fan
  • Start with turning off the laptop and then remove the battery.
  • If the laptop is connected to a charger, unplug that too.
  • Then, use that screwdriver to open the back part of the laptop.
  • Now, you will see the fan on the side of the laptop. Usually, you will see it beside the processor, but it depends on the laptop model. Eventually, you see it anywhere in the back.
  • Let’s look for the connectors of that fan.
  • There is a chance that it is not visible above.
  • So, you have to open the plastic cover or other parts that are covering the fan connector.
  • After unscrewing any part, make sure you remember everything and put the screw in a safe place for later use.
  • When you find the connector, carefully disconnect it.
  • Now, reassemble the parts that you have opened earlier.
  • Finally, put the battery back on and turn on the laptop.

It is the most obvious way to turn off the laptop fan. But you should do it at the end.

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Turn Off From Bios

Bios is the bridge between your laptop hardware and software. And here, you can make changes to all laptop hardware. Let’s turn off the laptop fan using bios.

Restart the laptop, and when the screen is alive again, press the prompt button.

You have to press the F1, F2, F10, F12, or ESC keys on most laptops. The button you need to press to enter the bios setting that will show on the screen. Follow that and press the particular button.

Now, go to the advanced tab.

Here, you will see the smart fan configuration setting.

Then, disable the fan.

Finally, save the setting and reboot your laptop.

Here you can also control the fan speed. You can set it to a low level to prevent unusual noise.

Use Third-party Software

This is the easiest way to turn off a laptop fan. But, not all laptops support this method. However, it will work on popular laptops such as HP, Dell, Acer, MSI, and Lenovo. What you need to do is download the software.

In that case, I suggest using Speedfan. Here you can control your fan to run faster or slower. If you think your fan speed is excessively high, reduce it by adjusting the setting. Also, if you want to disable the fan, that is possible here.

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FAQs on How to Turn Off Laptop Fan

Why is my laptop fan running all the time?

The fan on a laptop is running all the time because the computer is trying to keep itself cool. The fan is blowing air over the heatsink, which is cooling the processor. If the fan didn’t run, the processor would overheat and could be damaged.

Why is my laptop’s fan so loud?

Some laptop fans are usually loud when you put immense pressure on them. If that is not the case, your laptop fan is dirty, and you should clean it properly. Otherwise, if the fan is not working properly, replace it to get the solution.

How can I control my laptop fan speed?

If you are not using any heavy program on your laptop, yet it is running fast, you can control it using the software. Speedfan is the most reliable and popular software for controlling laptop fan speed. Also, you can optimize fan speed from the bios setting. However, using Speedfan software is the recommended method.

How can I cool down my laptop?

Laptop gets hot because of excessing load; closing all the unnecessary programs can reduce the heat of your laptop. However, the proper solution is to use a laptop cooler to externally continue the airflow and keep your laptop cool. Also, use a proper laptop stand that ensures airflow and keeps it cool.

How do I turn off the fan noise on my laptop?

First of all, clean the fan properly. After that, if you still get noise from the laptop fan, go to the bios setting and adjust the fan RPM to a lower setting. Also, you can install software called Speedfan to control the fan speed, which eventually reduces the noise. However, reducing fan speed can cause lower performance.


That is how to turn off laptop fan. But, I would never recommend you to do that. Instead, you can optimize the fan speed to adjust the noise and performance. Turning off the fan is the last thing you should do on your laptop.

Without a fan, your laptop performance will drop at a significant level. Gradually, it will damage the internal part of the laptop. I know you do not want that by any means. So, I suggest never turning off the fan. If you are getting annoying noise from the fan, you should reduce the fan speed via software or from bios settings.

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