How to Take Screenshot in Lenovo Laptop Windows 11?

Windows 11 is the newest edition of the Windows operating system in the market right now. It comes with a better user-friendly experience. So, when you install or update the latest version of the Windows operating system on your Lenovo laptop, you may wonder how to take a screenshot on it.

Whether it is a Lenovo laptop or any other brand, taking screenshots is the same process that Windows offers for all. So, let’s know how to take screenshots in a Lenovo laptop while running Windows 11.

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Taking Screenshot In a Lenovo Laptop on Windows 11

Taking screenshots helps to capture images of your screen for later use. And there are various ways to take screenshots on your Lenovo laptop while you are running Windows 11 operating system. You can use the keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot that comes by default in Windows 11, or use the latest Snip & Sketch tool to enhance the screenshotting capability. Let’s dive into it.

Using Keyboard

How to Take Screenshot in Lenovo Laptop Windows 11

Whether you are using Windows 11 or 10, you can take a screenshot using a keyboard shortcut which is usually the same in all Windows operating laptops. What you need to do is, press Windows + Print Screen button to take a screenshot of the entire screen. This is the fastest way to take screenshots on Windows operating Lenovo laptops. However, Lenovo laptops are available in Windows operating systems for most cases.

Snip & Sketch

To take a screenshot in a Lenovo laptop running Windows 11, you can use the Snip & Sketch tool. This tool is built into Windows and is easy to use. To take a screenshot, press the Windows key and the S key at the same time. This will open the Snip & Sketch tool. You can then use the mouse to select the area of the screen that you want to capture. When you are done, click the Save button, and the screenshot will be saved to your computer.

This is the new alternative tool to the old snipping tools for better control. However, sometimes you will not see this application on your computer. If that is what happens, you can go to the Microsoft Store and install it easily.

Snipping Tools

How to Take Screenshot in Lenovo Laptop Windows 11

It is the most reliable tool for taking a screenshot on a Windows laptop as well as Lenovo. Although Snip & Sketch has been sneaking into the market recently, snipping tools are still the most popular option for taking screenshots.

Here is how to do that, To take a screenshot using the Snipping Tools application, first, open the application. Then, select the type of screenshot you would like to take. To take a screenshot of a selected area, select the “Rectangular Snip” option and select the area you would like to screenshot. To take a screenshot of a window, select the “Window Snip” option and select the window you would like to screenshot. To take a screenshot of the entire screen, select the “Full-Screen Snip” option.

After selecting the type of screenshot, you would like to take, click the “New” button. The screenshot will be taken and will be opened in the Snipping Tools application. From here, you can edit the screenshot, save it, or share it.

Third-party Software

There is a lot of third-party software for taking a screenshot on your Lenovo laptop. But, I will use light shot which is one of the most popular screenshot-taking software on the market.

After installing the software, there is not too much you need to do to take a screenshot. Press the PRTSC button, and it will activate the application. Now select the screen part that you want to capture. After that, you can click the right button to save the screenshot or upload it online to send the image to another person.

Save Screenshots on A Custom Folder

Windows saves all the screenshots in your User>pictures>screenshots folder. But, you can set up a custom folder and save all of the screenshots. You may want to save screenshots in another drive to save some storage. No matter what your intention is, it is fairly easy to do.

  • Go to the User>pictures and select the screenshots folder.
  • Click the right button and select properties.
  • Now go to the location tab and click on the move button.
  • It will allow you to select the new location of your screenshots.
  • Finally, select that custom folder and click ok and apply.

Now your screenshots will be saved in that custom folder. But, if you want to get back to the previous location, you can go to the properties and restore the location.

Is there any difference between Taking Screenshots on Windows 10 and 11?

Windows 10 and Windows 11 offer different ways of taking screenshots. Windows 10 offers the Snipping Tool, which is a basic screenshot tool that lets you take screenshots of a specific part of your screen.

Windows 11 offers a new screenshot tool called the Snip & Sketch Tool. This tool offers more features than the Snipping Tool, including the ability to annotate your screenshots and draw on them.

How To Take Screenshots on Lenovo Laptop (Windows 10/8/7)

FAQs on How to Take Screenshots in Lenovo Laptop Windows 11

How do you take a screenshot in Windows 11?

There are various ways to do it, but using Windows + PRTSC key is the fastest way to do it. Also, you can use the new Snip & Sketch tool to select a certain area of the screen and save that.

How do I take a screenshot on my Lenovo laptop?

It is the same process that you do in all the Windows operating laptops. Press Windows + Print Screen key to take a quick screenshot. Or use software to select the screen and capture.

How do I take a long screenshot on my laptop Windows 11?

If you want to capture the entire screen, it will take a second to capture. But, using software where you want to select a specific part of the screen can take somewhere between 4-5 seconds. Anyway, it is easy and fast to take a screenshot on Windows 11.

Where do screenshots go on Lenovo?

Screenshots are automatically saved in the User>pictures>screenshots folder. However, you can save the screenshots in a custom folder.

What is the PrtSc button?

The PrtSc button is a shortcut for the Print Screen key. When pressed, it prints a screenshot of the current screen to the clipboard. It can then be pasted into a document or image editor.

How do you screenshot on a Windows 10 laptop?

To take a screenshot of your screen on a Windows 10 laptop, simultaneously press the “Windows logo” and “PrintScreen” keys on your keyboard. This will save a copy of the screenshot to your clipboard, which you can then paste into a document or email.

What is the shortcut for taking a screenshot on a laptop?

It will depend on the laptop. However, if you are using a Windows laptop, Windows + Print screen is the shortcut for taking a screenshot. Or, if you are using a Macbook, Command + Shift + 3 to take a screenshot.


If you are newly updated to Windows 11 on your Lenovo laptop, do not worry about taking a screenshot. It has all the previous functions of doing it. However, you get the new Snip & Sketch tool to make it better. Also, you get various other options based on the laptop models.

Anyway, I hope now you know how to take a screenshot on the Lenovo laptop windows 11. This is not rocket science that you have to study a lot. If you read this article carefully, you will know everything related to this.

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