How To Remove White Spot On Laptop Screen?[Easy Solutions]

If you are using a laptop for a long time, it will certainly cause some issues. Yet it is normal for a laptop. And the most common issue that you can face is a white spot on your laptop screen. Whether you have an expensive laptop or a cheap one, you find this problem everywhere.

However, this is not the end of your laptop. And there is no sense in replacing your laptop just for one or several white spots. Yes, it is annoying, that is for sure. But you can fix it.

So here you are about to know how to remove white spot on laptop screen.

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What is a White Spot on a Laptop Screen?

How To Remove White Spot On Laptop Screen

White spots are usually dead pixels on the laptop screen. It means that a certain area of the screen is not going to show any images but white. And that is one of the most annoying things that you can expect on your laptop screen. Sometimes you see small spots spread through the screen, and sometimes it gets bigger with one spot.

If you do not take care properly, eventually it gets bigger and causes screen damage. This is a crucial problem of an LCD screen. The LCD screen uses reflectors/lenses to project the image onto the entire screen. If any of the reflectors move from the place, you will see a white spot in that certain area of the screen.

Reason Behind White spot on the laptop screen

Indeed the reason behind this problem is screen damage or anything wrong in the internal circuit of your screen. However, you can not conclude anything before inspecting it properly. There are many reasons for a white spot on the laptop screen.

Laptop screens are mostly LCD screens, and it works with simple principles. If you open any LCD screen, you will see many LED lights covered with reflectors. Those reflectors cause the white spot. How? If you use it continuously, the LED lights become hot, and these reflectors fly away from the place or simply lose their place. As a result, the screen only shows white color in that particular place.

Also, the fungus is another major reason for damaging your laptop screen and creating problems like this.

In addition, dead pixels are also the reason behind it. Sometimes that causes white spots but mostly black spots.

Whether it is because of getting old or excessive use, it is not impossible to fix it. Even if you are a novice, you can do it properly after following these procedures.

How To Remove White Spot On Laptop Screen

If you see a spot on your laptop screen, make sure to react quickly. Let’s gather some tools and fix it together. The first and foremost rule is to remain calm while you’re doing this repair. Since these pixels are tiny, you have to carefully work on them and make sure not to damage any other pixels of the screen.

Using Software

In most cases, this problem is caused because of the hardware. Yet it is possible that something went wrong because of the faulty driver. Therefore, you should try updating your drivers before doing the hardware solution. Make sure you have a stable internet connection while you update your laptop.

  • First of all, uninstall the current version of the display driver.
  • Then install the latest stable version of this driver that ensures better compatibility with your laptop.
  • Now restart the laptop to see if it is working or not.

At this point, if white spots occur because of the software issue should be solved. Otherwise, you have to go for the hardware solution. And that is what I am going to discuss now.

Hardware method

This is the most reliable way to fix dead pixels or white spots on the screen. Since most laptop screens are LCD panels, this method is for almost every laptop available on the market.

However, you have to take extra precautions if you have a touchscreen display. Well, you need the following materials to fix the white spot on the laptop screen.

  • Q-tips
  • Small Prying tool
  • Gloves
  • Superglue
  • Small and Medium Screwdrivers

Now you have all the necessary materials to do it, let’s start fixing the white spots on your laptop and make it work fine as it was before.

  • Before making any changes in the hardware, you have to shut down the laptop completely and make sure no power input is running in the laptop. While you are making changes in the hardware, it can cause severe damage to your laptop if it has any power.
  • Now remove all the screws that hold the upper part of the laptop where the display is intact carefully.
  • Then remove the cover, and you will see a metal plate that holds your screen.
  • After that, pull off that carefully, and check out any dropped reflectors.
  • Now, use the Q tip to take the adhesive and place it properly into the panel and attach reflectors correctly. Hold it in place until it sticks.
  • Now reassemble all the parts and connect all the wires that you pulled off.

At this point, your laptop screen should be fixed. Now, you should check if the white spots are removed or not. How can you do that?

Test Your Laptop Screen For White Spots

It is quite easy to do. However, after fixing the laptop screen, you have to check it. Even if you get any new laptop from the market or buy any used laptop, it is one of the essential factors you have to check in the laptop.

The most efficient way to do this is to download any dark or black image that you can find in a google search. Then download that and open it with full screen. If there is no white spot on the screen, you will see no other colors but black.

Sometimes pixels get damaged and are unable to be repaired even using the above methods. Then you have to replace the screen. I suggest taking experts’ help to replace the screen without cracking it or damaging any other parts of your laptops. However, the above methods are enough to solve the white spot issue on your laptop.

Take Care Of Your Laptop Screen To Avoid Possible Damages

Whether it is a white spot or any other issues with your laptop screen, you can avoid it if you take care of your laptop regularly, which will ensure the long life of your laptop screen and the laptop.

  • Keep it clean: Clean your laptop screen regularly using soft fabric and use screen cleaning liquid to ensure better and deep cleaning.
  • Use Screen Protector: It ensures better protection of your laptop screen and also helps to reduce the chances of damage. In addition, it protects the laptop screen from dust, fungus, and scratches.
  • Optimize Brightness: Since laptop screens are made of thousands of LED lights, the light is more powerful if you increase the brightness. As a result, it creates more heat that ends up damaging the screen. And reflectors fall off due to excessive heat.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: As you know, heat is not good for the screen. Direct sunlight or keeping your laptop close to any heat source does not make any sense at all. Also, UV rays that come from the sun are not good for the display.
  • Do not put pressure: Use a bag to carry your laptop that ensures complete protection of your laptop. Especially do not put anything above your laptop. It puts pressure on the screen, which causes damage to the reflectors or LEDs.

FAQs on How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen

Why Does My Screen Have White Spots?

It is because the LED is not working or the reflectors are not in the right place. Or the reflectors fall off from the place that needs to be repaired to work properly.

What Is The White Dot On My Laptop Screen?

It is one of the most popular problems with laptop screens which are LCD panels. So what is it? When you use your laptop for a long time, the LCD panel gets hot, and the reflectors that are responsible for spreading pixels around the screen come off from their place. As a result, that particular pixel does not work, and you see the white screen on that part of the screen.

How To Remove White Spots On Dell Laptop Screen?

Whether it is a DELL laptop or any other brands that are available in the market, you have to follow the same procedure. First, open the LCD panel of your laptop, then check any faulty reflectors. Use glue to stick that again in the proper position. Hold it until the glue sticks properly.

What Is A White Spot On HP Laptop Screen?

It is the most common problem for the laptop screen, and it often seems in HP laptops. After using the laptop for a certain time, the reflectors of the LCD panel come off from the place where pixels show white color. And you see no other color but white on display on your HP laptop screen.

Do dead pixels go away?

No, it does not go away itself; you have to repair it to solve the problem. However, sometimes it happens because of the heat issue. So when the laptop becomes cool, the deal pixels automatically go away. But mostly, it is because the faulty reflectors do not repair themselves.

Can dead pixels spread?

Dead pixels do not spread unless there are any other LED lights that are loosening. But if you see it is spreading, that is a sign of severe damage to your laptop screen. And you need to repair it as soon as possible. Also, you can use the above methods to repair your ideal laptop screen.

What is the cost to repair the white spot?

The average cost of white spot repairing in the US is about $75 to $150 based on the screen size and resolution. However, you can repair it by yourself even if you are not tech-savvy. Just use the right tool to open the screen and find faulty reflectors and stick that again in the place using glue.


So, now you know how to remove the white spot on the laptop screen. I hope you got the idea about the laptop screen problem. Although it is not rocket science, do not do anything without having knowledge about it. And if you are not confident enough about repairing it or opening the screen, take help from the experts, which may cost money but eventually ensure not damaging the laptop at all.

In most cases, if a screen starts showing white spots, it is a common sign of lack of longevity. But taking proper care and help from the experts can solve this problem completely.

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