How To Remove Pen Marks From Laptop Screen [Experts tips]

How often do you get those annoying pen marks or smudges on your laptop screen? There are several reasons why your computer screen gets dirty. One reason is dust particles that settle onto the screen over time. Another reason is fingerprints left behind after using the keyboard.

The last factor is ink stains caused by writing on the screen. There are also other types of dirt that can cause problems such as scratches or burns. As you know laptops are very sensitive electronic devices and so their screens are.

So, if they happen frequently, then you might want to try out these simple steps to remove them.

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How To Remove Pen Marks From Laptop Screen?

How To Remove Pen Marks From Laptop Screen

You can remove pen marks from a laptop screen by applying liquid solution very carefully. The solution will be a mixture of 90% of isopropyl alcohol and 10% distilled water. Now, gently dab the liquid on the screen with a cotton swab, especially over the marks you left. Lastly, absorb them with a soft cloth.

Remember, using a solution drip, citrus-based products, or any other cleaners directly on the screen has many harmful effects. However, you can also opt for other ways as well to clean your laptop screen.

Tips To Remove Pen Marks From Laptops Screen:

Like we said earlier you’ll require a few things such as Isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, a clean cloth, and a spray bottle. This is to say, you can also use a cotton bud to apply the liquid instead of a microfiber cloth and spray kit. Here are the steps to remove pen marks or ink stains from a laptop’s screen in more detail:

  1. Start mixing the liquid solution from the rubbing alcohol and distilled water in a spray bottle. The amount of mixture liquid is a 90:10(100%) ratio for the Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water.
  2. In this step, you’ll require to moisten the microfiber cloth or the cotton swab by spraying the liquid. Please avoid the direct spray to an LCD/LED screen, it may cause damage.
  3. Now, wipe the cloth or cotton bud gently over the area you want to clean.
  4. Pay extra attention while rubbing the liquid because using too much pressure on the screen can damage display properties.

Here are the additional tips and ideas when removing ink from the display of your laptops, below:

  • Don’t use abrasives or scrubbers directly on the LCD screens.
  • In case of white smears, you should avoid distilled water instead of tap water that contains minerals.
  • Always use microfiber cloths or cotton swabs. Alternatively, you can use soft tissue paper or paper towels. Otherwise, you’ll get tiny scratches across the screen or a dull look on the display.

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How to remove black ink from laptop screen

You can remove the black ink spot from the laptop’s screen the way you eliminated the ballpoint pen marks. To do so, take a saturated cotton swab for rubbing with alcohol that might be hydrogen peroxide. They’re more likely to be more stain-resistant. Alternatively, follow the other method to erase the ink stains.

How to remove pen marks from laptop touchpad

A dirty touchpad from a pen mark may affect your overall performance including sticky finger or erratic responses. You can clean them using some necessary supplies at home alone. But how? Here are some steps you can remove the pen marks from a laptop touchpad:

  1. First thing first, you’ve to turn off the laptops. You must also unplug the adapter and remove the battery for additional safety since you might have a potential shock from the battery power.
  2. Moisten a microfiber cloth with distilled water only and start rubbing gently over the marks. You can use another piece of cloth or another edge of it to avoid spreading the ink throughout the touchpad.
  3. To prepare the mixture liquid put isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in a bowl or cup. Most experts advise having a 3:1 of 4 percent from the above supplies.

Is It Possible To Remove The Stain From A Laptop Screen Using Toothpaste?

Yes, it’s possible. You can remove the stain from the laptop’s screen using toothpaste. In that case, you’ve to put some toothpaste on baby wipes to eliminate the stain portion of the screen. Keep the wife for a few minutes and clean rub gently until the stains go completely. We always force you to use soft materials with liquid because the LCD screens are a very sensitive component.

How to remove ink from a keyboard

You should try rubbing alcohol and/or nail polish remover to remove keyboard ink issues. There is a Q-tip in the market as the most popular alcohol pack with a proven result. Sometimes, the fingernail polish works much better or applies both respectively. But, the alcohol supplies bring you the best solvent for ink removal for the laptop keyboard and other outer parts.

Can I Remove Marker Ink From Laptop Screen By Dry Erase Marker?

Yes, you can remove permanent marker ink from a laptop’s display using a dry eraser marker. It’s a bit challenging job for you but, trust me it works. The research comes out from several proven scientific experiments. If your laptop’s screen has sharpie or marker stain you can apply the dry marker to them. Use a damp cloth to remove the stain completely.

How To Stop The Ink From Spreading On A Laptop Screen?

You can stop the from spreading on the display from the very first time. The moment your screen got much ink doesn’t try to remove them immediately. Since they remain very very liquid and have more chances to spread to another place. Hence, wait until the stains dry and apply one of our above-mentioned methods.

How To Protect Laptop Screen From Stain?

You can get relive the stain forever by protecting the screen of your laptop in many ways. A screen protector is one of them the proactive steps to prevent future stains and pen marks. Usually, they’re transparent sheet that fits your laptop’s screen and you can find them in gadget shop easily. So, a screen protector can save you from stains and damage.

Last Word

The display screens are a very sensitive part of a laptop so you need to take extra precautions before removing any marks on them. We describe every possible way to remove them from your screen, touchpad, or keyboard. If you’re still in hesitation, our suggestion is to take the laptop to an expert or mechanic. They will fix them away within just a couple of minutes.

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