How To Reduce Screen Size on HP Laptop? Step By Step

There are tons of HP laptops available in the market with a variety of models, features, and functions. But all of them run Windows operating systems, including the 7, 10, and 11. You’ll also find one thing common in them, the display resolution and screen size settings. Sometimes, they come with an improper or higher adjustment.

Which causes you to experience blurry, distorted, and unclear images and visuals.  Therefore, it’s essential to know how to reduce screen size on hp laptop that would resolve those issues. Reducing screen size means getting higher resolution and enriched clarity, especially on a smaller one.

However, the screen display starts losing the sharpness of images if you enlarge the screen. So, you’ve to adjust it for eye soothing and better visual output. Well! It might seem a pretty easy job for many people but still a point of frustration for newbies.

No worries! In this post, we’ll explain all the possible ways to do so–

How To Reduce Screen Size On Hp Laptop

The HP laptops that run windows OS have that built-in features to adjust, increase, and reduce screen size along with the resolution. Yes, and it’ll require following simple and convenient ways. All you need is to keep in mind what operating system you’re using. The settings might be a bit different depending on the edition.  

We’re showing the Three most popular versions of Win OS– Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 11. Let’s learn them step by step–

1. How to Adjust or Reduce Screen Size On Hp Laptop – Windows 10

Here are the processes–

  1. Minimize any open windows in the taskbar. Alternatively, close the application windows, if opened. We suggest the second one.
  2. Do a mouse right-click on the desktop screen and select personalize which would open the background setting window and options.
  3. Now, type “display” on the right/left corner and select the Display settings. The window will auto-detect the current display page setting of your system.
  4. In the display settings, you’ll see the “Screen Resolution” under the “Scale and layout”. Choose your desired resolution from the drop-down menu, it will ask you for “Keep Changes” and “Revert”.  Now you can adjust the settings by simply pressing the Keep Changes.
How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop
How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop

You can also do the same thing by clicking on right-click and selecting display settings directly. This might work for almost all brand laptops. It’s also possible to check display resolution by typing “Display Settings” in the search bar.

If you still have any problem charging the settings watch this video.

2. How to Reduce or Adjust Screen Size On Hp Laptop – Windows 7

Here are the processes–

  1. First, right-click on the screen and select “Personalize” from the menu.
  2. Now, click on the Display on the display window and go to the “Adjust resolution”.
  3. Here, you’ll see the screen resolution setting page pop-up.
  4. Select or reduce your desired screen resolution from the menu and press OK.
  5. A confirmation pop-up window will ask you to save, click the “Save Changes” to activate the new display setting.

Alternatively, you can reduce or adjust resolution by selecting the “Screen resolution” menu after right-click moment. The given video will help you to fix this issue.

3. How to Reduce or Adjust Display on HP Laptop – Windows 11

This is how you can adjust the display setting in windows 11:

  1. At first, click the Start/Windows button and choose “Settings” from the list. In another way, you can open it using Win key+I to appear in the settings menu directly.
How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop
  1. Now, it’s time to select the “System” from the left panel, after the settings appear. Next, press the Display options.
How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop
  1. Here, you’ll find the “Display & layout” section. Now, click on the “scale” as per your requirement.
How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop

Though, the percentage of Scale you’ll see is based on your hardware component performance and displays. There is another option in your hands, that’s customer scaling to be more specific.

What Are The Native Resolution Of Different HP Laptops?

It’s an open secret that HP laptops offer the best LED-type screens and native resolution. The most impressive thing is they provide a specific resolution and typically support higher resolutions as well. And it’s natural, a laptop Screen will support relatively higher resolution.

Here are some of the popular native display resolutions–

Screen size(inch)Resolution(pixel)
19 inches1280x1024p
20 inches1600x1200p
22 inches1680x1050p
24 inches1900x1200p

Remember that screen sizes and native resolutions of an HP laptop are different. Therefore, we suggest you know about it from the product manual and support page.

How To Resize Text And Images On HP Laptops?

If you need to change the text and image size from smaller to larger to smaller, you can do it. Of course, with no hassle. There are two easy and simple processes using zoom in and zoom out. All you need is a mouse and keyboard. Let’s see how it works. 

How to Zoom using the click-wheel on your mouse?

  1. We assume you’ll use the touchpad or connect an external mouse.
  2. Click on a specific object or area on the screen you want to zoom in/out.
  3. Now, press and hold the CONTROL key together from the keyboard and start scrolling front/back to zoom in/out the mouse or touch pad. 
How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop

How to Zoom using the keyboard (shortcut)?

  1. Click anywhere on the screen, window, or browser.
  2. Like before, press and hold the CONTROL(CTRL) key from the keyboard.
  3. Now, continue pressing the +(plus)/-a minus sign from the keyboard.
  4. Press the “0” zero to restore the normal/regular view.

How to Adjust Zoom in Internet Explorer?

To increase and reduce the size of Internet Explorer and other browsers you can follow the same as above. It’s pressing the control key and scrolling the mouse wheel. However, there are always manual options by going to view the menu. You can also zoom in/out of the browsers manually. 

How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop

FAQs on How To Reduce Screen Size on HP Laptop

How You Make The Google Chrome Screen Smaller?

You can adjust or scale the data that appears on a web browser like Google Chrome. Yes, something like you read it before in the earlier paragraph. Alternatively, there is another easy option for you. At first, click on the three(3) dots from the top-right corner of chrome. You’ll find different options to make the screen smaller or larger.

How Do You Make The Screen Smaller In Microsoft Word?

To make your Ms-word document larger, open the file. Now, click on the View tab/ribbon and find the zoom in/out section. There you’ll find different ratios, percentages, and customer boxes to perform this game. As a general rule of thumb, you can view it by zooming in and out. Follow Control+mouse scroll.

How to Change Lock Screen on Windows 10

Press the Start menu and go to the Settings tab. Now, let’s select Personalization to lock the screen. There you’ll see a background thumbnail. Under this thumbnail, you can define what and how the lock screen should look like.

What is The Most Popular Screen Resolution?

The popularity of a screen resolution depends on screen size and how you’ll use it. However, 1920×1080 pixel is the most popular screen resolution worldwide. This dimension supports a full-HD display quality in image and video clips.

What is The Highest Screen Resolution?

The highest resolution is 8k yet to come on the market widely but 4k is the most trendy once for laptops, desktops, or TV screens. Now, many modern laptops support 3840×2160 (Ultra-HD) resolution, including HP Elitebooks and HP Zenbooks

How Do I Reset My Computer Display Settings?

It’s frustrating and annoying when the desktops are messed-up. Don’t worry, you can still reset the display settings. First, you’ve to open the Windows settings> Then choose a system and click on “Advanced Scaling Settings”. In this stage, clear the setting you set before.

Last Words

Reducing screen size is not rocket science as we told you before. You still do it within just a simple processor and steps, especially on the Windows operating systems. Now, windows 11 introduced another simpler way to change the font, color, image, display settings, etc. So, don’t panic! When people ask “how to reduce screen size on hp laptop” you can answer now.

Now, you have nothing to worry about changing or adjusting the display and object size while using a laptop, especially when it’s an HP laptop. The ways and steps we showed are pretty straightforward to carry out for non-tech people and newbies.

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