15 Top Tips: How to Protect Your Laptop from Physical Damage

Seeing the slightest scratch on the laptop upset us badly. And if it gets major damage, it breaks our hearts. But, if you know how to protect your laptop from physical damage, it’ll be more than useful for you.

To protect your laptop, you’ve to clean, cool, and put a cover over it. Be careful about its cords and screen. Use a safety lock, install antivirus software and avoid eating near it. And don’t let it be hit by something.

The following contains much more information about laptop maintenance. You’ll know your role on rainy days, how to protect it from dusk, and take care of its screen with some additional tips.

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How to Protect Your Laptop from Physical Damage [15 Tips to Follow]

How to Protect Your Laptop from Physical Damage

Laptops’ physical damage can be prevented by following a few tips. All you need is just a little care and the slightest sign of your attention. Here are the 15 most important tips for keeping your laptop safe.

A laptop bag is the first and foremost thing for safety. If you have a laptop, you must have a bag to carry it. Even if you leave it at home, the bag will protect the laptop from dust and dirt.

1. Buy a Laptop Sleeve for Safety

When you take your laptop outside, the chances of getting scratched in it increase. A laptop sleeve can save your laptop and protect its paint from scratches.

2. Invest in an Anti-theft Backpack

Thieves are a common problem in almost every major city. No matter where you live, you must protect your laptop from thieves.

If you carry your laptop outside now and then, you must be aware of this issue. And for a solution, you can buy an anti-theft backpack which is slightly different from laptop bags.

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3. Clean your Laptop Regularly

How to Protect Your Laptop from Physical Damage

A laptop with dust gets heated easily. And the heat causes various laptop issues. However, you’ve to clean every valuable thing you have. So, if you want to protect your laptop from physical harm, you must keep it clean.

4. Use Exterior Covers

Just like the sleeve that protects your laptop while moving, an additional exterior laptop cover will protect it while working. From dust and water, or other ingredients, an exterior laptop cover is great protection. 

5. Avoid Drinking or Eating near Laptop

Drinking or Eating near Laptop

Drinking or eating is a bad habit while working on a laptop. The food not only makes a mark on the laptop’s surface but also can shut it down. If the slightest drop of water or coffee gets into your laptop, it’ll stop working. So avoid food while you’re with a laptop.

6. Be More Careful in Rainy Days

Water is completely harmful to laptops. If you’re working outside on rainy days, you must give extra attention. If the rain gets your laptop wet, you may lose your laptop forever.

7. Never Twist the Cords

Power cords are the most sensitive things for laptops. So, do not fold the cord tightly, no matter what. The cords become dangerous to use if they get twisted.

You can wrap it around something lightly and casually. Check if there are no sharp ingredients with it.

8. Shield the Display

If the display gets dark, the laptop becomes useless. So you also have to care for the display as well. To protect it from dust, water, and sunlight, use an Anti-glare sheet. It’s a display protection equipment found in any online store.

 9. Upload a Safety Lock

A safety lock will protect your laptop from interior damage. If you provide a safety password, your data will be safe. Also, installing a strong network security solution will save your confidential data from the cloud.

 10. Protect it with an Antivirus

While working with a laptop in our day-to-day life, we log in to a few websites or apps. And that causes us to receive various emails. And among those emails, a few contain viruses.

Also, any corrosive USB or broken DVDs have viruses as well. That infects the laptop and causes it to be physically harmed. So, downloading antivirus software and running it from time to time is a smart way to protect the laptop.

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 11. Don’t Let it Fall

While carrying a laptop, you have to be very careful about falling it down. If it falls out of your hand by accident, it’ll cost you more for repair with no guarantee of getting it back.

 12. Check for Pens While Closing the Laptop

While closing the laptop, make sure there’s no pen or something in between. It can cause your laptop to get unusual scratches and screen breaks. Most unusual scratches come from stuff like this that stuck with the laptop while shutting down.

 13. Don’t Rest it On a Pillow or Duvet

How to Protect Your Laptop from Physical Damage

So many people unconsciously put their laptops on a pillow or duvet and work. It blocks the heat that the laptop releases and gradually leads to physical damage. Also, any dust or dirt on your pillow gets straight on your laptop and causes several issues.

 14. Use a Universal Charger

A universal laptop charger will bring no harm to your laptop. If you lose your charger and use chargers of other laptops, it sometimes causes your laptop problem. But a universal charger will suit every laptop you buy.

15. Protect Laptop Screen from Cracking

Screen cracking is the most common and irritating issue with laptops. For several reasons, the display got cracked. However, following a few things, you can protect your laptop from cracking.

  • Find a padded sleeve.
  • Don’t put heavy objects anywhere near your device.
  • Never leave your laptop on the ground.
  • Don’t lift your laptop through the screen.
  • Don’t pack it with stiff things. 

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How to Protect Laptop in Backpack

While traveling, protecting the laptop becomes a relatively hard job. Even though you carry it in a backpack, there’s a chance the laptop will get hit by something.

Here are a few things you should follow to keep your laptop safe in your backpack.

  • Get a luggage tag with your name on it so that the bag doesn’t get lost.
  • Tell airport or bus officials that the bag contains fragile stuff.
  • Use a standard lock on your backpack.
  • Wrap a shawl around it while packing.
  • Try to be around your backpack.
  • Be aware of the environment.
  • Use the laptop compartment of your bag.

How to Protect Laptop from Dust

Dust is the biggest enemy of laptops because we don’t see it coming. It gets the fan clogged and causes many disturbing issues. Here’s how you can deal with dust.

  • Clean it regularly.
  • Don’t let your pet around it.
  • Store it in a closed, dry area.
  • Don’t place it on the floor.
  • Don’t eat behind it.

How to Protect Your Laptop from Rain

The laptop needs more attention on rainy days. For outside users, they must take care of it properly. Raindrops on laptops cause serious damage. So, follow these tips to protect it from rain.

  • Buy a waterproof backpack.
  • A rain cover can be used as a waterproof backpack alternative.
  • If you don’t have any of these, wrap the laptop in a plastic bag while going out.
  • Use an umbrella or raincoat when you’re outside with your laptop in the rain.

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Common Laptop Damages

A few laptop damages are common for every user. If you face one of them, don’t be concerned. Every problem has solutions. However, knowing the common laptop problems will help you keep your cool.

Broken screens

Cracks in the display are the most common damage that most laptop owners face multiple times. When a laptop screen breaks, it causes various visual defects.

Impact or pressure damage

If you put pressure while closing the laptop, it bangs directly into the LCD and cracks the screen. Most people don’t think of the fact and get their laptops damaged.

Liquid and food spills

When any liquid or food spills on the laptop, it gets scary. But if those ingredients spill on the keyboard, it stops working. At this, you can take your keyboard to the sun and wipe any scar through a dry cloth.

Cracked or broken hinges

Broken hinges frequently shut down the monitor. Material fatigue or sudden drop breaks the laptop hinges. If, in any case, you face the issue, replace the hinges.


Blocked dust, clogged fans, and exhaust ports overheat laptops frequently. It’s the most common laptop problem we face. To get rid of it, you’ve to find its reason and fix it.

Damaged ports and cables

Ports or cables can occasionally damage due to a lack of power source, overused or faulty electronics. If you want them to run smoothly, you have to clean them properly and ensure a good power supply. And damaged ports or cables should be replaced.

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5 Tips to Avoid Laptop from Damaging

It’s always better to prevent problems before they happen. If you can maintain a few things, you can always avoid certain problems. Things are also the same with the laptop damages as well. The following tips will let you keep your laptop problems away.

1. Don’t Let it Struck by Something

While carrying a laptop, don’t let it get struck by something. Be careful about its edges. And do not take it to your bathtub or swimming pool.

2. Open Carefully

Nowadays, laptops come with thinner displays. And most of them have folding screens. But these types of displays are fragile. So, you have to be more careful while opening the laptop.

Try to open the laptop with both hands, not with one hand on the lid and the other on the laptop. And make a habit of opening the laptop from the center.

3. Don’t Bedazzle the Keyboard or Screen

Due to the thinness of today’s laptop, any sticker on the display or keyboard protector harms the display badly. If you want to have stickers, put them on the surface of the sleeve.

4. Disconnect Carefully

Disconnecting a laptop is also a kind of work that needs your proper attention. If anyhow, the cord gets twisted, it’ll cause you trouble. So, when detaching, pull the power cord straight.

5. Keep the Temperature Cool

Overheating causes multiple laptop problems. So, while working, make sure the hot air is released from the laptop. Also, clean it regularly so that the fan doesn’t get clogged.


Most of the time, we’re the only culprit for our laptop damage. But as you know indeed how to protect your laptop from physical damage, you’ll be more careful from now on. The more you care for your laptop, the more longevity from your laptop.

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