How to Increase Battery Life on Acer Nitro 5[Proven ways]

The laptops come with excellent mobility, lightweight, and compact design, especially while you’re on the go. It’s only possible because of its built-in battery power that allows you to run the device and move from one place to another. But, what if it goes on for only a few moments?

Yes, we found some complaints against the Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptops’ battery. So, on this page, we’ll try to discuss how to increase battery life on Acer intro 5 15.6-inch model. You can apply these techniques and experiments to other brands and models, though. Some methods may look new to you and some are known.

To many people, it’s piece of cake but it could be challenging to some of you. No worries, here is the solution. So, without further ado let’s find the best possible ways to solve the problem–

How Long Does Acer Nitro 5 Battery Last?

Before you think of a solution, let’s know a little about the average Nitro 5 battery life. The Acer Nitro 5 laptop battery last for around 5 to 6 hours with regular operations. However, if you’re running games and multimedia applications it would provide 3 to 4 hours of backup.

Do you expect more than this range? Well, then you’ve to follow some practices to improve the backup time. Remember, you can have more than the time we stated here because you’ll never know what tasks to carry out depending on the operation. Apart from all these, you can extend your runtime if you follow some techniques.

How to Increase Battery Life on Acer Nitro 5

How to Increase Battery Life on Acer Nitro 5

There are tons of ways to increase your battery life, including activating battery saver mode and low screen brightness settings. Besides, you should also ensure there are no unused external devices connected to the laptop, for example, hard disk, camera, or anything that consumes power. We’ll introduce some factors that could save your battery life in the upcoming points.

Here is how you can make your laptop battery last longer–

Activate Power Saver mode

You can greatly save your battery power by just doing one simple thing– that’s to activate power saving mode. But, how does it? It’s simple. First, click on the start menu and type “power option” and select it. Now, it’s time to customize the power plan according to your choice.

Here are the options you’ll find–

  • “Best Performance” mode.
  • “Better Performance”, this mode is “Recommended” by the system to balance the power and performance.
  • The “Better Battery” mode. It provides longer battery life.

Analyze battery health

You can check and monitor battery health using a system power option in Power Manager. There are many applications you’ll find in the market for example Battery Info View, Battery Mon, Battery Care, etc. It’s pretty easy to monitor power efficiency using them, mark my word.

Disconnect unused device

If you disable the external devices and ports that you don’t use it’s going to save a little amount of battery charge. It seems little but means a lot when you’re out of home and running out of charge. For example– an external mouse, speaker, camera, or any other peripherals.  There are plenty of ports in multimedia or a gaming rig.

Turn off unused applications

There are so many options and settings running behind the system but you hardly use them. This is the best practice to turn them off when not in use since they drain your battery power. For Example– Bluetooth, Ethernet port, WiFi, cellular, etc.

Besides, you can Uninstall the rarely unused app or disable them from the “Startup Apps” setting. Press the Window menu and type “Startup Apps” and have a look at them.

Reduce Display Brightness

Reducing your bright screen can improve life expectancy. It’s harmful to both your eye and the battery’s health. Try to reduce as much as possible to stop other power-hungry software.

Recharge before draining completely

Plug your laptop into a charging adapter before it goes down completely, it’s bad practice. In that case, you can plug into recharge when the battery status is near 20%. Once, it’s charged fully unplug the power adapter to avoid other issues. Though, modern laptops charger has powerful circuit.


Out your laptops turn off or in Hibernate mode instead of Sleep mode if you’re going somewhere else for hours. Because keeping it in speed mode consumes energy and power as the apps are running in the background.

Keep the laptop cool

Maintain ideal temperature whether you’re using multiple applications or gaming. As you know laptops get hot quickly as compared to desktop PCs. Therefore, you should keep them in a cool place so that battery can have proper cool airflow. It prevents battery and other hardware components from being damaged.

Limited use when outside

Avoid playing high-end and graphics-intensive games during traveling otherwise, you may face difficulties. They are also harmful and power killers for your laptop’s battery. This is to say, playing games always kill your battery, motherboard, RAM, and graphics card too.  Though, it’s a different thing for gaming performance and multimedia laptops.

FAQs on How to Increase Battery Life on Acer Nitro 5

Why my Nitro 5 battery is draining fast?

There are several reasons to say that drains your Nitro 5 battery fast. First, you should look at the power option if your computer is in the power saver, performance, or balanced mode. If possible reduce the display brightness and disable unused applications forever. However, it’s better to drain your battery yourself occasionally.

Are 2 hours of battery life good for a laptop?

We never recommend a laptop deliver 2 hours of battery backup, especially when it’s new. If this time is for a gaming laptop then it’s still a bad option to choose. Because when you’re gaming you’re about to carry out some other task as well. So, what about them? A minimum of 5 to 6 hours is a good battery backup for us.

How many times should I charge my laptop in a day?

You should charge a new laptop battery for at least 20 to 24 hours to ensure the best life expectancy. However, there are no rules on how many times to charge your old laptop. Since it depends on your battery-consuming ability and task load.

Last Words

That’s all for now about how to increase battery life on Acer nitro 5 and other laptops. We tried out best to show you the best practices and principles as a regular laptop user. Now, it’s your duty to maintain them properly since a battery is part and parcel of a laptop. And this is what makes you productive in your daily life.

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