How to Cool Down Laptop While Gaming [Ultimate Guide 2023]

Laptop heating up while gaming is a very common problem for hardcore gamers. It also indicates that there might be some issues with any hardware. The heat is very uncomfortable for the users and it may slow down the laptop’s speed.

Many of the users ignore the problem initially in general but it can cause big financial damages for the users in the future.

Though most of the time, while gaming overheating doesn’t cause game lag or any other problem it indicates unseasonable hardware damage.

So maintaining the normal temperature is kind of eventual for the users but following some steps can decrease the chances of getting hot while gaming. As a result, consumers must understand what causes their laptops to overheat and how to cool them down. Maintaining a laptop’s temperature also assists you to get through your expenditure by extending its lifespan.

Here my article will help you to find out the solutions of how to cool down the laptop while gaming?

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Here are some tips which will help you to keep your laptop cool while gaming:

Placing on a flat surface

Placing the laptop on a flat hard surface is very important. The laptop’s cooling systems typically rely on fans to draw airflow from the environment into a venting inside the laptop’s structure.

Fluffy items in the surroundings can restrict the airflow and hamper the air circulation system’s efficacy.

When you set your laptops on an irregular surface, such as couches, comforters, or any cushioned surface, it cannot adequately ventilate and becomes hot. It can also be worn on the thighs to close the vents. As a result, if you wish to avoid overheating, precise placement is a must.

You must ensure that your laptop’s vents are not obstructed to avoid it from overheating. Place it on a hard surface, such as a desk, so that the rubber feet may raise the laptop sufficiently to allow for proper airflow.

Get a lap desk if you’re using your laptop in bed. Lap desks are great for putting on your laptop because they are light, robust, and flat.

Cleaning the fan and replacing the faulty fan

Benefits Of A Touch Screen Laptop

It is very obvious that after many uses of your laptop in its dusty environment, the laptop’s fan will absorb dust in its air circulation area. Thus it can create heat on your laptop if it becomes too much and can be a barrier to the usual airflow.

If you are planning to compress air through the air circulation area, blindly avoid it and seal it in your mind that heavy air pressure can damage your laptop’s inside and definitely increase your cost. Because when you blast compressed air into your laptop, dust and other debris frequently disperse into the interior rather than being removed.

It is therefore critical to maintain your laptops from the inside if you really want to avoid overheating.

It’s quite simple to maintain a desktop clean because you can open the cover and wash it from within. However, due to the sealed and compact nature of computers, this is not an easy task.

In the case of a laptop, it is riskier and hard for the user generally who is not flexible in doing that.

If the initial step won’t help to fix the overheating problem and after opening it up, if you find out that the laptop has a faulty fan, you should immediately go for a new one. Remember a faulty fan can easily damage your motherboard and that can cost more.

As a result, we recommend disassembling your laptop to clean it, with a screwdriver, only if you have knowledge. However, if you lack sufficient knowledge of the laptop’s internal components, you might seek the assistance of a professional. Before you disassemble it, check the laptop’s handbook to see if it will void the warranty. After doing all this if you find out your laptop’s fan is faulty then it’s a suggestion to change it as soon as possible.

Additional cooler

Benefits Of A Touch Screen Laptop

It is always the best option to use a cooler for the laptop from the beginning of its use as it minimizes the future heat risk.

If you want to better manage the temperature of your laptop, one of the most successful and cost-effective methods is to use a laptop cooling pad. It can help you avoid overheating when gaming if your laptop’s built-in cooling isn’t operating well enough.

Due to the type of cool pad, laptop cooler pads can assist reduce your computer’s running temperatures by 3-10 °C. There are few cooling pads available that just have one fan, while the rest have five smaller fans.

Cooling pads increase airflow surrounding your computer by circulating air into the intake air vents at the bottom. This promotes air circulation and makes it easier for your laptop to take in air.

Topmate C5, KLIM cool, Havit are some of the best laptop coolers available in the market.

Avoid hot environments

  If you are playing your games in a comparatively hot area willingly, then it’s better to move your position towards the cooler area. Hot areas like direct sunlight, near the kitchen room, or any hot temperature-based area are not good places for this device.

As direct sunlight can also harm laptops and other electronic devices. It’s vital to maintain your laptop as far away from direct sunlight as possible. This should be maintained out of the bright sun when in use and when not. It is commonly known that sunlight considerably heats and warms items. Much more heat might deform the plastic components of the laptop.

When you are using your laptop in the sun, the temperature inside the laptop rises much more quickly and to far higher degrees. The longevity and effectiveness of the different components of the laptop may be compromised if the laptop is used in this way for an extended period.

Closing unnecessary programs

Multitasking, or running many programs at the same time, places a lot of stress on your system and leads it to overheat. You should run as few programs as possible to keep your computer cool.

Allowing non-essential apps to execute on your laptop might cause it to overheat, making it difficult to use.

When you use useless apps while gaming, your laptop will consume more resources.

The hotter it gets, the more electricity you utilize.

Lower Graphics settings

Every gamer enjoys playing their favorite titles at the highest available visual settings. High graphics settings improve the game’s looks and make it more realistic.

When you max up your in-game visual settings, though, it puts a lot of strain on your laptop’s graphics processing card, especially if you’re playing a game that requires a lot of hardware. As a result of the increased stress, the graphics processing card generates a lot of heat, which you can feel while gaming.

Furthermore, in order to provide you with a better experience, modern games necessitate a lot of processing and powering. Normal computers, on the other hand, are incapable of smoothly performing those activities. So, if you haven’t a gaming laptop but still want to play recent games, play games on lower graphics settings to avoid overheating your laptop.

Whenever games are played at high settings, a lot more computations, processing, and rendering must be done. As a result, the graphics processing card generates a significant amount of warmth in the laptop’s interior.

But we all know playing in low graphics light, decreases the enjoyment of the game. So I will suggest you use a touchscreen laptop for gaming. As the best touch screen laptop can give the best resolution, bright glossy light so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. So there is no need to make changes in the graphics resolution system as it’s already giving a high-quality resolution display. Dell XPS 13 OLED, Razer Book 13 is the best touch screen gaming laptop available in the market.

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How To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

Some extra tips can also help you cool down your laptop while gaming

  • Always try to maintain a 6 months maintenance check up.
  • Do not continue with faulty hardwares.
  • Don’t give too much pressure to your laptop.
  • Use temperature monitoring software.
  • Use thermal paste.
  • Any unusual sound from the inner part of the laptop, immediately go to the store.

After discussing all of these, if you look closely then you can find that one of the major problems of laptop heating is dusty fans.

There is no doubt that our indoor and outdoor environments are full of dust and you cannot forcefully abide these small particles to enter your room or the area you live. Even if you maintain a full vacuum. 

So, it’s better to clean your laptop airflow circulation area in a frequent manner if you find that your area is quite dusty.

Additional tips

If you want to add something extra to enjoy the game then I will suggest you play your game on something big like a 17-inch laptop with a backlit keyboard.

As the lights under the keys reflect the keys perfectly so that you can enjoy your game in low light. So you can lessen the brightness of the screen and also use low graphics for less heat up.

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FAQs on how to Cool Down Laptop While Gaming  

Why is a hot laptop bad?

A hot laptop can never count as good condition because being at a normal temperature is the usual condition for this device. So when your laptop is frequently getting hot while gaming it means whether it has a hardware problem or any other external issues like a dusty fan, air circulation, and proper placing on a flat surface.

External problems are easily manageable but when initial steps don’t help to reduce the heat it means it has hardware issues.
And it’s risky to go forward with faulty hardware as it can damage the other surrounding equipment.

There are more cases that gaming laptops get hot easily than casual ones. Normal or casual laptops generally get less pressure than gaming laptops. So far gamers are rough and tough so it is pretty obvious for them to get their device hotter than the casual one.

What is thermal paste?

It is a silvery-gray material that dissipates heat by transferring it between CPU, GPU, and heat sink. It consists of a solution and is designed to keep the processors and GPU cool. This paste-like substance aids in the transport of heat from the CPU units to the laptop’s heatsink. This prevents the overall structure from becoming too hot.

To improve the connection among your processing unit, graphics card, and heat sink, experts recommend reapplication thermal paste at minimum once every 1-3 years. Don’t worry thermal paste is inexpensive and readily available from local computer stores and online vendors.

Why up-to-date hardware is mandatory?

Up-to-date hardware is very important for a laptop. In the case of gamers, as they always play up-to-date games and day by day everything is upgrading with the flow of trends. So when gamers play updated games they also need updated hardware or very old machines can cause heat.

Upgraded hardware doesn’t mean that you have to change your tools very frequently and spend money on it every few months.

How to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad?

If you’re looking for a way to cool down your laptop without spending money on a cooling pad, you’ve come to the right place. If that’s the case, then this response is for you.

Place your laptop on a flat, firm surface so that the four-rubber holder can create adequate airflow to keep it cool. If you have any unnecessary or vital applications open while playing, you should close them.

Another piece of advice that is sometimes overlooked, is to avoid charging your laptop while gaming, this, will reduce battery life and raise the temperature. Try these recommendations and see if they work on your laptop.

How to clean a laptop’s fan without opening it?

You can clean your fan without opening it, but you must maintain minimal air pressure otherwise any small tools will be damaged, costing you additional money. Avoid pressurized hot air since it can easily melt even the tiniest portion of your asset.

Why is processor voltage important?

The type of laptop you have will determine whether or not you have the option of Undervoltage. The word refers to the voltage applied to the processor being reduced. Under load, the lower the voltage, the lower the heat it creates. However, you should only use this option if nothing else works and you are confident in your abilities; otherwise, you risk causing more harm than good.

So, using a voltage processor is an option to reduce your laptop’s heat.

How hot is bad for a laptop?

Usually, temperatures out to 70 ° Celsius are acceptable, but if the temperature rises over that, Silverman warns, issues may arise. Depending on the model, both CPU and GPU will begin to throttle around 90 and 105 ° C. If you see values that drop below 0 degrees Celsius or climb above 110 degrees Celsius, your heat sensor is either malfunctioning or the application doesn’t support it.

How overheating can cause your injury?

Due to the near proximity of the components, laptops are prone to overheating. However, an overheating laptop is a bad news for both your health and the laptop’s internal components.

Many incidents of laptops exploding due to overheating have been documented. These explosions have the potential to cause serious injury. Aside from the explosion, a laptop’s internal components might be damaged by overheating.

Because the parts of a laptop are highly fragile and tiny, if any internal element of the laptop is broken, it will cost a lot of money. A desktop, on the other hand, contains more parts and is less expensive to replace than a laptop.

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Some last Discussions

Given tips will help you to cool down your laptop but in case the tips are unable to solve the problem, then it’s better to consult with an expert.

Remember in the past it was easy to deal with a desktop computer and easily you open it, but in due time many changes are arriving in the world of technology. So, If neither of those suggestions works, there may be a flaw in several of your hardware components that is difficult to fix.

It is not a bad idea to contact the provider if your device is recent and still under warranty. Describe your issue to the manufacturer, as they are likely to be familiar with it and may be able to provide you with extra advice tailored to your equipment. The provider knows better than you as they are an expert in dealing with laptop-based problems.

Some of our suggestions will help you cool down your laptop if it becomes too hot. Since you’re not a tech guy, however, it is preferable to get help from a buddy or an expert.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have adequate knowledge, we don’t recommend tinkering with a laptop. Because some of the procedures we’ve discussed in this post may need you to disassemble your laptop, make sure you read your laptop’s instruction manuals to learn about its warranty policy.

Again do not screw up your laptop if you still have your warranty card.

Lastly, I hope you have found your problem’s solution to cool down your laptop while gaming.

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