How to Connect Wii U to Laptop? Step by Step -2023

Have you ever noticed how small the screen of Wii U seems after you get used to looking at large television or PC screens? We had the same feeling as well. But did you know you can connect the device with larger devices without sacrificing too much on portability?

Yes, it is certainly possible! But you need to know how to connect Wii U to a laptop to achieve that! Even though it might seem simple, many of us did not really have any idea regarding the connection process in the beginning. And we believe you are in the same position as well.

So, we took the initiative of sharing the entire process in this article. And after going through it, connecting the console to your laptop will feel like taking a walk in the park.

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Methods of Connecting the Wii U to Your Laptop

There are a total of two different connection methods. The first one requires an HDMI input, while the second is wireless. That said, we are going to simplify both of the methods in this segment. So, let’s get down to it!

Method 1: Using an HDMI Cable

How to Connect Wii U to Laptop?

The good news is that all of the Wii U consoles will come with an HDMI port. In fact, you will find an HDMI cable included inside the box. What about the bad news? Most of the laptops have an HDMI output port, not an input. So, even if you connect the devices, you might not see any image on the screens.

That said, if you are a lucky owner of a laptop that comes with an HDMI input, follow these steps:

Step 1: Power the Devices On

First and foremost, you need to power the computer and the console on. Ensure that both have an adequate amount of charge. If possible, connect both the devices with the power brick. That will ensure that the systems have enough power while connecting them and playing games.

Step 2: Connect the HDMI Cable to the Wii U

Next up, you need to get the HDMI cable out of the box. If you can not find it, any other HDMI cable with an adequate length will be okay for the process. Find the port on the console and gently tuck the jack inside.

Step 3: Put the Other Jack into the Laptop

Once the first point is inside the Wii U, you would need to connect the other end to your laptop. For most cases, this HDMI input jack would be on either of the side or on the back. Put the other end in and go to the next step.

Step 4: Make Final Adjustments

After connecting the jack into the laptop, the screen of Wii U should mirror or output to the laptop screen. If it does not, check the display software of your laptop. Switch to HDMI input mode and enjoy!

Method 2: Connecting Using the Internet

How to Connect Wii U to Laptop

There is really no need to worry if your laptop does not have an HDMI input port. There are still two other methods available for you! And one of them is to use the internet to cast or stream the screen of the Wii U to your laptop. To do that, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn the Console on

First of all, turn the Wii U on and get into the home screen. You should ensure that it has enough charge if it is the portable version of Wii U. Using the navigation buttons, navigate through the channel menu and make the cursor hover over the Wii logo that is on the screen.

As you probably know by now, to select the options, you need to press the “A” key. Go to system settings, then to Wii settings, and to the internet. There should be something called Connection Settings present there. Select the first connection.

Step 2: Make the Wii U Connect to the WiFi

Once you have selected the channel settings, you would need to select the Search For an Access Point button. Wait and let it search for your WiFi connection. Once it appears, click on it and enter the password. The console should automatically connect to the WiFi after that.

Step 3: Check the Connection

When the prompt is received, save your settings. And you should now see the screen being cast or mirrored on the laptop. If the connection drops for some reason, we would recommend taking both the laptop and Wii U console closer to the WiFi router.

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 How to Connect the WiiMote to Your Laptop?

Want to gain the remote experience that WiiMote offers on the games you play on the laptop? Well, it is possible to connect the WiiMote to it! And, no, you will require the Blue Soleil driver that most thinks is essential to make the connection. Instead of putting your head on those misconceptions, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn on Your Laptop and Enable the Bluetooth

Before anything else, you need to turn your computer on. Let it boot and go to the Bluetooth settings. If you can not find it, search for it through the search bar. Once you get into the Bluetooth settings, turn it on and click on “Add a device.”

Step 2: Power on the WiiMotes

Now, you would need to turn on the controllers. Press the 1 and 2 buttons on the remotes. It will turn on the remotes. And at this point, the WiiMotes should be discoverable by your laptop.

Step 3: Search for the Remotes on the Bluetooth Settings

Get back to your laptop and start searching for the remotes. They should show up as Nintendo RVL-CNT-01. The name might be different for the other remotes. Click on it, and the remotes should start blinking. Once it starts doing that, you need to click the button 1 and 2 immediately.

On that note, you would have to press the buttons every few seconds to make the connection.

Step 4: Check the Connection

If the connection is made, the Bluetooth symbol on the system tray should have a green-blue color. And once you see that, you can be sure that the WiiMotes are connected to the laptop. However, the remotes might not work correctly with the games first. For that, you need to configure it accordingly on the settings.

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Is It Possible to Play Wii Games on the Laptop?

One of the ways to play Wii games on the laptop is by connecting the console to the computer itself. And for that reason, you would need to follow the steps we have mentioned above. However, it is possible to play Wii games on the laptop without needing the console at all. So, what’s the secret? You will need an emulator.

What Is an Emulator?

Just like the name suggests, the emulator is an application that emulates the operating system of something. In our case, the emulator would be mimicking the OS of the Wii U, which will make the games run utilizing the hardware available to the system.

Most of the latest laptops have the capable hardware required to run the games at full-fledged 1080p. Even the older hardware will be capable of running the games. But they might not be capable of rendering the games at 1080p. Instead, you would need to stick with 480p or 720p.

How to Run Wi Games on a Laptop?

So, let us get into the main point here. To run the Wi games on your laptop, the best emulator would be Dolphin. Do not worry; the installation process is simple and straightforward. And even if you face any issues with the app, you can refer to the forum. It has loads of helpful members that are always ready to help.

That said, if you have discrete graphics, you will have the full advantage. However, it does not mean that the emulator will not run on laptops with an integrated GPU. Once you are in the app, select the game you want to run, adjust the settings, and set up your input.

It will be possible to run the games using both the WiiMote and keyboard. However, to gain the best experience, we would recommend connecting the WiiMote to your laptop. Follow the steps we have covered above to do that.

Once you set all of the things up, all that would be left is to enjoy the games! Do note that if you are not getting a smooth experience, turn the graphics settings to medium or low by going into the emulator settings.

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Conclusion on How to Connect Wii U to Laptop

As you can see, learning how to connect Wii U to laptop is not as hard as you might have thought before. And once you follow the steps properly, you will be signing up to enjoy those stellar Wii games on a big screen. Have fun!

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