How To Check Laptop Charger Is Genuine [Complete Guide 2023]

How often have you bought something from Amazon only to discover later that it was fake or counterfeit? This happens quite frequently, especially with laptops. In order to prevent such situations, it is important to ensure that the laptop charger you purchase is authentic.

That’s why people ask how to check laptop charger is genuine very often. Laptops are convenient devices that allow us to carry our files around wherever we go. They also come with their charging adapters, allowing us to charge them whenever they run out of battery power. Unfortunately, these adapters aren’t always safe to use.

Fake chargers may contain dangerous mechanisms that pose health risks to batteries or laptops. Fake chargers are becoming more common. If you want to be sure that the charger you are buying is genuine, continue reading the article and the steps.

How To Check Laptop Charger Is Genuine?

How To Check Laptop Charger Is Genuine

You can check if a laptop’s charger is geniture or not by following some steps. Before that, you must know about the chargers available in the current market. Besides, you should also keep in mind some factors that an original adapter should have for supplying appropriate power to your battery.

1. Types of Laptop Chargers/Adapters

First thing first, we must say there is a range of options of charging adapters for the laptop computer on the market. We found TWO types out there. The genuine(Org/Zin) charger and OEM charger for your laptop. Now, let’s a little about them–

Genuine Charging Adapters

They mostly come with your brand laptop computers directly from the manufacturers. There is nothing to worry about the quality and performance if you’re using them properly.  However, many importers of your country may claim to bring them genuinely from the brand, especially while getting another one after damage.

In addition, they’re a bit pricey too. This is why people tend to opt for the OEM laptop charger only because of the higher cost.

OEM Charging Adapters

OEM refers to the “original equipment manufacturers” that produce almost genuine charging adapter equipment and are marketed by the other manufacturers. You’ll also find them in many categories such as quality assurance(replacement adapter), poor quality line charger, charging-lot, and imitation charger. Let’s know about the first two ones– 

A “Quality OEM adapter” is like you’re getting a mid-range genuine charger at a higher cost. Obviously, not as much high as compared to the brand ones. But, they guarantee performance according to genuine standards, specialization, and order production set by the laptop manufacturers.

On the contrary, the low-quality OEMs provide a piece of average charging equipment at a cheap price tag. You’ll see no difference between them at first glance until you observe the fine components and performance.

2. Detrimental Effects of Poor-Quality Adapters

There is no immediate harmful effect of using such laptop chargers. But you can find many difficulties in the charging process after a certain period. We’ve discussed the issues and effects and how they can impact an adapter, battery, and laptop.

Laptop Charging

The charging adapter can produce several issues including fire and explosion. Of course, this will happen if there is trouble with the electric current in the adapter. Another reason could be the transformer box department that can’t resist heat and stress during plugged-in.

Besides, they tend to be hot easily along with the vulnerable structure and electric leakage. And that may lead to a very dangerous accident.

Laptop Battery

The main consequences of a counterfeit adapter greatly impact the laptop battery you’re charging. This is to say, a poor-quality charger has no such guarantees, specifications, and accurate voltage output system. So, they reduce your battery capacity and overall performance more than before.

Laptop Components

A poor charging adapter can also harm your laptop components that are directly and indirectly attached to the battery. So, only a high-quality OEM battery charger can help you from possible damage to that hardware.

3. How Can Identify A Genuine Laptop Adapter?

You can easily distinguish the difference between a quality and a fake adapter by knowing about the following criteria. Here they’re–


Normally, a genuine adapter comes at a relatively higher price since it has good quality components. You’ll also find the difference between an original charger and a fake after experiencing the performance, efficiency, and heat stress. So, when you’ll ask about the price of one in a computer accessories shop they may charge a relatively higher price.

Weight of Adapter

We all know that genuine laptop chargers are equipped with good quality components like a transformer and other circuit mechanisms. That’s why you’ll be a bit heavier as compared to the poor ones. On the other hand, the cheaper ones make you feel much lighter.

Built Materials

The genuine adapter will come with heavy-duty materials like good plastic quality, flexible looks, and firmness. Besides, an ideal charger has good parts, circuits, and fitness from a firm foundation.

Adapter Size

The duplicate or fake chargers will have a relatively smaller or bigger size as compared to the quality chargers. Because the genuine ones offer fixed sizes according to their standards and models. So, compare the size before buying your new one.

Slot and Jack

A good adapter always features a very tight slot and power jack indication for the charging department. Besides, they add many special symbols and information that clones don’t have.

How to Test a Laptop Charger – (Step by Step)

You need a good charging adapter to keep the run battery and the laptops continuously. But, you should check at least once before taking them home. We shared some tips on how you can test a laptop charger to ensure whether it working properly. 

Step 1

First of all, you have to be sure if the adapter is working properly in the power outlet after getting the power. In that sense, you can determine it’ll work in the plagued condition.

Step 2

In this step, try to start the laptop with the adapter only off the battery power. There are some faults in the charger so you can identify them before purchase. Though your laptops can run off the charger in some cases, the adapter is weak enough. So, you can spot a faulty charging adapter.  

Step 3

Try to charge your laptops both in power on and off condition. The adapter you’ll buy may not charge when the laptop is powered off, sometimes. You should also check whether it charges when the laptop is on. Otherwise, you got a faulty charging device.

Step 4

Check for corrosion and/or leakage in the charger. if you find one, you should avoid trying to charge your battery laptop. Besides, you should replace it immediately, because it may damage your battery thereafter.

Step 5

This is the last but not least method to check a laptop charger. You must test your adapter with a voltmeter, especially to measure AC voltage by setting 25 VAC. Try to contact with the help of probes touch and mark the reading. If the meter can’t read any volt then you got scammed.

The voltmeter should read at least 1 volt for the adapter as compared to the charger power rating. You can also check the adapter by swapping the probes of the meter to be more sure.

FAQs on How To Check Laptop Charger Is Genuine

How To Match Laptop With A Charger?

To coordinate your PC with the fitting charger, you ought to at first perceive the kind of charger and a short time later fit it into the looking port. More seasoned PCs will utilize a barrel connector, while fresher ones will utilize a USB-C. You can check the adapter Volt/Apm at the bottom of the laptop. It also helps to match the power supply for your laptop computer.

How Would You Charge A Laptop Without The Charger?

There are many ways of charging laptops when you’ve no charging adapter. But, there are lots of controversies as well afraid they can harm your battery. They also tell that it’s possible to charge laptop batteries to use a vehicle charger or battery pack.

Alternatively, you can also charge a laptop battery using a power bank easily. In this method, you don’t have to plug in the adapter to a power outlet. It’s safe, easy, and efficient!

Is It Possible To Charge A Laptop Without An AC Adapter/AC Adapter Charger?

Frankly speaking, no. You can hardly charge a laptop without an AC charging adapter. As it connects to the electricity with the help of an AC connector to power up your laptop battery. Thus, it runs your computer. However, you run the battery and laptop by using a travel charger, power pack, or power back instead of an AC connection.

How Do I Test A Battery Charger Without A Battery?

You can test a charger by using a voltmeter or multimeter. To do that, you’ve to connect the positive and negative probes to the related contact points on the charging adapter. Now, you see the reading on the display as voltage output. This is to say, you must select the AC volt category from the options. Selecting another option may read the wrong voltage measurement.

Why Is My Battery Charger Not Working?

Your battery charger may not work for several reasons including accumulated dirt and dust from inside the casing. Besides, it also may have dirt carbon on the plug. In this situation, you can clean metal strips using the liquid solution and microfiber cloth. As an alternative solution, you can also corrosion with a fine emery board.

How To Check Laptop Charger Serial Number?

You can find the serial number written on the grey affixed label on one side of the charging adapter. Next, go to their support page for checking their device or equipment. Enter the serial number on the input box and search for the product information. This serial number can also help to check the warranty information.

How To Know Which Charger Belongs To Which Laptop?

It’s possible to know which charger belongs to which laptop brand very easily. To find it out, at first you should check the voltage input right behind the laptop that will exactly match the adapter output voltage. For example, if you see the 19v and 3.5 Amp under the laptop or battery then your adapter should have a similar volt parameter.

How To Identify Original HP Laptop Charger?

You need to provide a few details to the HP support page including product number or product serials number. On the other hand, you can check the product specification just behind the power supply system. The HP support or care center can help you by collecting your part number to identify its charging adapter.

How To Identify Original Dell Laptop Charger?

Like other laptop brands, Dell also helps you to detect the authenticity of their electronic product like laptops and their adapters. And you can also check if you owned a genuine charger by visiting the Dell support page. You’ll require a service tag, and product ID to submit as important information to verify the products.

Can I Repair A Battery Charger “Replacement Charger”?

Yes, of course. It’s possible to repair a charging adapter after partial damage by replacing some of its parts. Though, you may hardly find some of the circuits or circuits since the brands don’t clone their parts separately in the open market. As a mechanic, you need to collect them from the local electronic shop. However, for the external issue, you can fix them using no such parts including the cable and power cord.

Last Words

Now, we hope you can sufficient knowledge and information about how to check laptop charger is genuine or fake. You read the various factor and criteria so you can differentiate between the originals and the counterfeits. Most of them were an efficient way to get things done and were technically proven by thousands of experts. We also address the process to test a laptop charger step by step.

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