How Long Do MSI Laptops Last? The Reasons Why [2023]

You don’t be a big fan of an MSI laptop to understand the popularity, especially among the gamers. As you know, it’s one of the top 5 laptop brands because of its fast-growing demand and reliability around the world. Not just for the gaming ones but also for their highly configured core flagship laptops.

But, there is a question around the tech world, how long do MSI laptops last in their service lives? In today’s article, we’ll answer and explain this question as it involves many other things to look for.

An MSI laptop lasts for years in very good condition but you may find some minor issues. It mostly depends on the usage habits, specifications, and workloads. We’ll also address the issues and maintenance tips besides their major benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s come to the point–

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How Long Do MSI Laptops Last

MSI laptop

The MSI laptops last for around 4 to 5 years on average in regular use. It may also last over 6 years if they’re going under proper maintenance and usage. Though, the longevity of a laptop depends on several factors– including, the type, motherboard, processor, RAM, battery, etc.

There is no complete death of the laptop computer. Sometimes, you might experience a lower performance because of different hardware and software issues. In case of damage, you can simply replace the parts(Mainboard, CPU, RAM, SSD, battery, etc.) to get back to work. Alternatively, it’s very straightforward to fix software issues nowadays.

Here, we’ll be talking about the different MSI laptop series that are overall good for gaming, content creation, business, and other productive works. A discussion about factors that affect life expectancy will take place beside their prevention– 

1. How Long Do MSI Gaming Laptops Last

How Long Do MSI Gaming Laptops Last

According to the current research and user feedback, MSI gaming laptops have 5 to 6 years of lifespan. It’s also possible to take more than this duration by maintaining it properly. In that case, you can clean dust from internal hardware including the fan, battery, processor, etc.

When it’s about longevity, most MSI gaming laptops offer aluminum and carbon fiber together to make the structure durable. Therefore, they can withstand any heavy physical damage since people tend to drop laptops from their hands. Although, their gaming laptops use metal chassis to minimize the final cost without compromising quality. Thus, it ensures durability.

Let’s talk something about the thermal cooling system. Most MSI gaming premium laptop series offer multiple fans and head exhaust pipes for better cooling management. From them, the 4x fan 12x heat pipe is newer than the 2x fan 6x heat pipes. Hence, you’ve nothing to worry about the sustainable operation.

Additionally, you’ll also get the latest CPU model and in-class GPUs to handle high-end games smoothly.  Well! Most gaming laptops from MSI offer around 4 to 4.30 hours of backup in gameplay, some last more than 5 hours too.

Our recommendation for MSI gaming laptops:

2. MSI Content Creation Laptops

The laptops MSI offers for content creation last around 5 years or higher. They also come with decent hardware specifications, performance, and durability. You’ll have a metallic chassis too and still poses a good vibe in design and portability, especially in the creator and workstation series ones.

As you know they’ve almost similar characteristics to gaming notebooks except for the relatively compact shape and look. In this case, you’ll have a good thermal cooling system that includes at least a 4x fan to manage overheating during multitasking.

You might run lots of graphics-intensive tools and applications for editing photos, audio, and videos on your laptop. So, it may consume a similar amount of energy from the battery as gameplay laptops. Usually, these laptops support around 3 to 4 hours of battery backup in a single charge.

Check out the best MSI laptops for content creation and multimedia:

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3. MSI Laptops For Business, Productivity & Personal Use

They last for around 4-5 years or more depending on how you’re using them. The laptops you want to use for business applications and personal purpose usually offers entry to mid-level hardware specifications. As you can perform business and multiple personal operations even when on the go.

If you look at their chassis they mostly use either a semi-metal body or a mixture of aluminum with carbon fiber materials. So, you’ve nothing to worry about the built quality. Well, you may find both options either a co-processor or a dedicated graphics card for this type of laptop. Most of them feature a GTX or RTX entry-level GPU with efficient thermal cooling technology, especially while multitasking. 

MSI claims their laptop battery to last up to 12-14 hours with regular operation and multimedia use. But, we found a maximum of 7 to 8 hours of backup on average in Summit, Prestige, and other series laptops.

Here are some of the best picks for MSI business and personal laptops/notebooks:

Do MSI laptops Last As Long As Other Laptops?

Here we are covering the average lifespan as well as the battery life of some well-known laptop brands along with the MSI laptops. The given table will show a better comparison of how long MSI laptops last compared to other laptop brands.

Laptop BrandAverage Life SpanBattery life
MSI4 to 8 years11 hours
HP3 to 5 years10 hours
Apple4 to 7 years12 hours
Microsoft4 to 5 years14 hours and 30 minutes
Dell3 to 5 years6 – 10 hours
Lenovo3 to 5 years8+ hours
ASUS3 to 5 years6 – 12 hours
ACER5 to 6 yearsAround 8 hours

Benefits of MSI Laptop

The MSI laptops bring you plenty of features and benefits than other brands in the market. Not just in gaming series but also in creator, business, or general categories. Here, we’re going to point out some of the great benefits of using an MSI laptop in your real life:

  • High-quality built materials ensure durability and reliability.
  • Efficient hardware component for multitasking gaming performance.
  • The Mainboards, CPUs, and GPUs meet user needs whether it’s gaming, video editing, or business operation.
  • They offer stylish, classic, and professional look design to attract every user.
  • The MSI laptops need lower maintenance even after years, if so it’s easy to maintain. Besides, you can upgrade internal components like RAM, SSD, etc.
  • You can get a good amount if you resell old ones.
  • The batteries tend to last for long hours in backup or life expectancy.
  • Good warranty service (12 months long ) and customer service management globally. 

Drawbacks of MSI Laptop

We can’t overlook some minor disadvantages besides their numerous benefits. As you know, nothing is perfect in this world. So, you’ve to adapt these silly flaws to enjoy a vast amount of facilities. Some of the drawbacks of MSI laptops are:

  • The MSI laptops are pretty expensive than other brands, especially when looking for first-row gaming laptop computers.
  • Battery backup may decrease in the case of intensive gaming as it needs more energy to supply inside the chipsets. So, it leads to poor battery life.
  • Some gaming laptops make some noise since they have a built-in thermal cooling fan for continuous operation. As it has to deal with the overheating issues.
  • Some are relatively heavier for robust built and long battery life.

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Factors That Affect An MSI Laptop Lifespan

You can use an MSI computer for years without any doubt– but all you need to know is some reasons that affect its life expectancy. They could affect your computer as a whole or partially since all the components have no similar lifespan. Let’s know some of them:

  • The comparatively lower built quality one can’t cope with a severe physical damage
  • The components may lose their processing power gradually if you’re gaming regularly, you have a high-end CPU and GPU, although. 
  • You may also experience some flaws in memory allocation in RAM.
  • Overheating issues can be a reason to damage the motherboard early unless there is no suitable thermal solution.
  • Some viruses can decrease overall longevity by impacting the storage system no matter if it’s an SSD or HDD.
  • Regular gameplay also reduces the battery lifespan and you can’t refuse this logic at any cost.

How To Extend Your Laptop’s Lifespan

There are some practices that may keep your MSI laptops out of danger or extend the duration of service:

  • Keep your laptop out of the dust, water, and humidity.
  • Clean the inside component like motherboard, fans, battery, etc. if you see such a problem.
  • You should unplug the charging adapter or power cord after fully recharging the battery.
  • It’s better not to play games while the laptop is charging simultaneously, it’s a bad practice for a battery.
  • Use premium anti-virus software for real-time threat protection, it cleans your disk issues.
  • Using a cooling pad while gaming and multitasking is a good practice.
  • Don’t use pirated or cracked software, always get licensed instead.

FAQs On How Long Do MSI Laptops Last

Is MSI a Good Gaming Laptop Brand?

Yes, MSI is one of the best brands for gaming laptops in the market. They’re trendy for their attractive design, specifications, efficiency, high-end performance, quality materials, and maximum lifespan. You’ll also have a reliable warranty service that makes them stand out.

Why Are MSI Gaming Laptops Perfect for Gaming?

The MSI laptops are the perfect gaming since they choose the best hardware components to ensure powerful performance while gameplay. MSI has a wide range of laptop series that is mainly designed keeping in mind gamers. The GE, GF, GL, and GS are some of them. The main concentration of them is MB, CPU, GPU, and battery to deliver core gaming laptops.

Do MSI Laptops Overheat?

Yes, not just MSI. Almost every brand has overheating issues under workload, especially when gaming, editing video, and rendering video projects. Here, the main culprits are the processor and graphics card that need lots of things to do. However, a proper thermal system can increase humidity from the computer.

Do MSI Laptops Have Good Cooling?

Yes, they definitely have a good cooling system to reduce overheating conditions. As you know, almost every entry-high level laptops have a good cooling fan technology so you can continue a long operation. They pack renowned thermal technology for high-end models.

Are MSI laptops reliable?

Yes, of course, the MSI laptops are most popular for their reliability in terms of specification, hardware, built quality, and average lifespan. Besides, they have a good customer policy regarding warranty and services. That’s why the demand for MSI laptops is growing so fast.

Final Word

Therefore, how long do MSI laptops last will depend on several factors that we discussed above! We also address issues that affect and the ways you can increase the overall duration. A budget MSI laptop can last for years if you operate and take care properly. On the other hand, it’s likely to damage soon without proper care and precaution.

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