Top Benefits of A Touch Screen Laptop [pros and cons 2023]

If you are thinking of switching your laptop to something that is easy to navigate, has sleeker models, and is smooth, then a touch screen should be the first on your bucket list. It has various significant advantages over standard mouse-and-keyboard computers, including a touch-controlled display interface.

At the beginning of the availability, it was expensive for personal usage, but it is now providing good quality services at a bearable cost. 

They can provide you with good accuracy and flexibility while also improving the quality of your output. 

As a result, this article will assist you to find out the benefits of touch screen laptops and determine whether touch screen laptops are a good fit for you or not. 

If you’re simply a regular user wishing to explore with a laptop, we’ll compare them to the regular ones as well. 

Before disclosing the benefits of a touch screen laptop let’s discuss the types.

There are two types of touchscreen laptops available in the market:

Benefits Of A Touch Screen Laptop


A capacitive touchscreen display is made up of only one layer. This layer also serves as a coordinate layer.

This laptop can even conduct with multi-touch on the screen that’s why you can operate it with multiple fingers. You can easily zoom in and out of the screen. 

Capacitive Touch is significantly more responsive and accurate at registering touch than Resistive Touch due to this concept.

Rather than a pressure differential, it functions by changing the electric intensity. When the layer is not touched, an equal quantity of electricity flows through it. 

The display detects a change in electricity at the point of touch due to static electricity inside the human body when it is touched. The laptop’s Touch screen Software then analyzes the touch and does the appropriate action.


The resistive touch screen can only recognize a single point of contact and it is basically a two-screen layered laptop .which needs a user touch for the command. These two layers are conductive and resistive. This two-screen layered laptop is unable to accommodate multiple fingers at the same time.

It requires little pressure for the output, when you touch the upper layer, you will feel that the upper layer is hard and it contacts the conductive layer. 

A shift in electric current occurs as a result of this point of contact. The software recognizes the change and goes about its action of opening, shutting, or swiping an application.

How to use a touchscreen laptop?

For the use of the touch screen, you have to enable the feature and if you’re not comfortable you can also disable it. 

These steps will help you to enable the feature.

  1. In the search option type Device Manager and select Device Manager.
  2. Select the option Human interface devices
  3. Now select HID Compliant touch screen.
  4. Now select Action Tab from the top of the window.
  5. Select Enable Device or Disable Device 
  6. Now confirm it.

In general, there could be more options, if so then perform step two three which one you do prefer.

Benefits of touch screen laptop and picking reasons:

Attractive and glossy display

Benefits Of A Touch Screen Laptop

The small glossy clear optimum viewing experience is provided by a display with a high contrast ratio and high resolution. A full HD display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 is standard on touchscreen laptops. 

Touchscreen laptops are frequently brighter and have greater color reproduction, color accuracy, and vibrancy than regular machines. 

Touchscreen laptop displays with a glossy finish respond to touch better than those with a matte finish. Because of their high color accuracy and brightness, touchscreen displays are popular among color professionals.

Fast Navigation

The touch screen made navigation easier for the users. Comparing the same task to the general device it has become easier and more convenient. 

When contrast to trackpads and mouse devices, this functionality allows users to complete a wide range of tasks. The process of launching applications and switching between them has also been simplified.

Furthermore, if the trackpad fails, you can use the touchscreen feature to complete your duties. 

Eminent for designers and artists

If you are a graphic designer or fashion designer then a touch screen laptop is the best and most prominent laptop for your profession.

There are laptop models designed specifically for artists that have a pencil and a touchscreen display. As a result, users may quickly sketch out artworks on the fly.

The easy navigation made artists’ works easier, where previously artists had to use the separate pad for designing, and now it has been upgraded to a new version.

Here they can easily make the design with the help of the given one with the laptop.

There are various models available in the market but HP Chromebook 14-inch HD is the best laptop for designers.

Mechanical failure-free keyboard

The failure of the keyboard on classic computers is a key problem. When crumbs, grit, or other material fall into the laptop’s keyboard, the keys may become unusable. 

As a touchscreen laptop is keyboardless, the user can use it without facing any issue of dirt or debris intervening with its receptivity to register his or her input commands.

Some disadvantages of touch screen laptop you must know:

  • It quickly reduces batteries.
  • In direct light, it’s more difficult to see.
  • Its heavier than normal laptop
  • Its bit expensive than the usual laptop
  • Shiny displays cause headaches and eyestrain.
  • These laptop’s power-saving modes aren’t as effective as non-touchscreen computers.
  • Fingerprints and imprints are common on touch screen screens. Furthermore, dust and filth collect more readily on such panels.

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After reading all these you must be confused to select between touch-screen VS non-touch screen.

Let’s clear some doubts.

A comparison between a Touch screen and a non-touchscreen laptop :

Touch Screen LaptopNon-Touch screen Laptop
Displays look glossy and attractiveDisplays do have not a nice resolution as a touch screen, but they are more economic and last longer
Can be used as both E-book and also notebook.Cannot be changed in any tablet mood.
Comes up with a stylus pen so, the designers can put the dateline more correctlyAs there is no touch screen so there is no pen, only the mouse and keyboard are the only input method.
The touch screen can accept good input but is likely hard to process highly intensive workAs these laptops come with heavy hardware so they can easily bear heavy intensive processes. 
It may be utilized and moved anywhere due to its compact size.It’s also movable and usable anywhere but it’s big in size.

Are touch screen laptops good for students?

Benefits Of A Touch Screen Laptop

Touch screens are extremely easy and intuitive to use for any online college student, with most screen features being faster to use than their keyboard counterparts.

Touch screen laptops provide a slew of advantages, many of which may be beneficial to online college students. 

For starters, any student who uses art programs on a regular basis, such as Photoshop and similar programs, will discover that touch screen laptops provide incredibly valuable functionality, since drawing graphics, zooming in and out, and resizing pictures are all simple and straightforward to do with a touch screen.

In this online era, many educational performances are operating through virtual classrooms. Google classroom is one of the best virtual class setups for the students. Google Pixel Book GO, M1 MacBook Air, and Acer Spin 5 are the usual best laptops for Google classroom.

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FAQs on Benefits of A Touch Screen Laptop

Is a touchscreen laptop good for gaming?

Gaming is always dependent on the processor and the most recent drivers. RAM is only used for memory storage, and there is no clear link between touch screens and gameplay. Razer Blade 14, Alienware X17, Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 are some  Best touch screen gaming laptops in the market.

Is it comfortable for the video editors?

The answer is ‘’YES’ if you are planning to buy a touchscreen for your video editing work you can easily buy one from the market. HP Spectre x360 14Google Pixel Book Go are some of the best laptops for video editing.
If you are a YouTuber and need one for your YouTube video editing you also pick one from the above. The available features will reduce your task timing.

Is it true that turning off touchscreen displays improves performance?

Some individuals believe that turning off a device’s touchscreen will boost performance. This isn’t correct as it has no influence on performance. 

Is there anything I can use to clean a touch screen display?

Yes, although it’s not suggested because these screens are more sensitive and can lose their effectiveness if improperly cleaned. Make sure you clean it with a dry gentle towel every time. But never use an Alcohol-based product to clean your laptop’s screen it can permanently damage the screen.

When is a Touchscreen Laptop a Good Option?

A touch screen laptop is ideal for art lovers, mostly designers and those who want to navigate more quickly. It enables you to create art and digital signatures using your laptop as a real-time board. 

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Final Words

Touchscreen laptops come with various benefits, these offers can easily reduce your extra work like clicking on the mouse button, using the keyboard just diverting all in one. With the help of screen navigation, you can easily operate your work. 

Touch screen laptops are great and are a major help to any creative laptop user. 

There are certain flaws, but as technology and Windows improve, many of them will be addressed through software upgrades.

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